Pastors cannot do a greater disservice to people, than to convince those who are bound for Hell, that they are on their way to Heaven.

Both apostles are right!

Some people want only as much of God's salvation as will keep them out of Hell!

Stuffed Christians!

I am not what I once used to be!

Saving faith

An infallible test

Whose slave are you?

As proud and carnal as ever!

A whole Christ with a whole heart

The great foster-parent

A silver vein of sanctity

Painted holiness

The faith of devils!

Oh how dreadful the thought, to go to Hell through the church of God!

They think they have all the religion they need!

Halifax nuts

Only two families inhabit earth!

The sheep's clothing will soon be stripped from the wolf's back!

Sinners in Zion!

I know this, and I know that!

The sheep's coat shall be stripped off the wolf's back!

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen

A chameleon kind of religion

An almost Christian

'Tis a point I long to know

There is wondrous power in it!

Painted pageantry to go to Hell in!

An angel on the outside — and a devil within

A man may be most religious — and yet be most ungodly!

Ask yourselves, "Am I this blessed person?"

The children which faith bears

Judas the preacher!

Jesus does not require anything more

O what a dwelling!

What is it to be a Christian? (part 1)

What is it to be a Christian? (part 2)

What is it to be a Christian? (part 3)

Are we in reality — what we are in name?

Heaven would be an intolerable Hell

A living personal Jesus!

A real influence!

Saving faith

Only as much religion as will save them from Hell!

True religion

Is this your religion?

The True Church

One thing you lack!

This is to follow the Lamb wherever He goes

Why is salvation by faith?

They are all head—but no feet!

They cannot leave the lap of Delilah

It leaves earth for Heaven—or for Hell!

How shall we know if we have saving faith?

One of you is a devil!

There is a way to Hell, even from the very gates of Heaven!

True Christianity

These church going atheists!

It takes both of these elements to make true religion

Faith does not only justify — but sanctify

The hypocrite's desire

The hope of the hypocrite!

A Christian is one who follows Christ

Dead things never grow!

The Almost Christian!

Delusive signs!

A torch to light people to Hell!

The bent of the needle

It is better to go to heaven with a few


What a wretched place would Heaven be!

Do not mistake the lessons learned at your mother's knee, for the teachings of the Holy Spirit!

Better than a ton of gold!

Shun them as they would the plague

The black hand — must then part with its white glove!

True faith

A crucified Savior will never be content to have a self-pleasing, self-indulging, worldly-minded people!

If we will not carry the cross — we shall never wear the crown!

An infallible test of our real self

Were I to define a Christian

A transforming knowledge

He has a window into your heart!

Such freaks are more fit for a traveling circus

The back door to hell

The master deception of Satan!

That soul never perished, that felt itself to be vile, and Jesus to be precious!

No vague sentiment

The hypocrite's only care

A complementary kiss

The hypocrite's hope

A day of great surprise!

Holy hatred

A practical atheist

It is certain that no one is saved, who habitually practices any known sin!

White feathers — but black skin

We are not saved by believing a creed

Something peculiar, distinct, and different from other people

Christ has a yoke for our necks — as well as a crown for our heads!

Three lovely sisters

One dead fly

True faith

Something peculiar, distinct, and different

So many truly sincere and religious people

A vulture, a worm eternally gnawing him!

All taken up with fashion, amusement, and folly!

The righteous and the wicked!

When a man's tongue is extensively wrong

A decent, flowery, down-hill way to eternal destruction!

Heterodox in life

Experimental knowledge

The child of Satan!

A man's god!

So many millions of nominal Christians

The immeasurable riches of His grace

Rotten at the heart!

The eye of faith!

You would not suspect him to be a Christian

My sheep

Paul's criterion

Will the gates of pearl be opened to let in dogs and swine?

Counterfeit piety — is double iniquity!

The gay and foolish multitude

An honest heathen — or a fake Christian?

The sins of the godly and the ungodly

Carnal, careless, and covetous

Embracing Jesus Himself as our personal Redeemer!

Reader, is this vile viper lurking in your heart?

A very common supposition

I am not the man that I was!

A man of new principles

To fill Heaven with Hells!

How many, O how many

The righteous and the wicked contrasted!

Observe the holy virtues

Seraph or demon?

All things have become new

A sublime fiction

Carnally minded

Ascertain what kind of a Heaven a man desires

The evidence of genuine piety


An insatiable thirst after larger attainments

The expulsive power of a new affection

Painted pageantry to go to hell in!

Potsherds of earth covered with silver dross

Orthodox in creed — but heterodox in life!

The grand distinction

The back door to the pit!

Taste & distaste

Cheap and easy work

Splendid sins!

Prove it!

Christ knows His people by certain distinguishing marks


Coming up from the wilderness

Gospel fruit

It kindles in the heart

It is a sense of our pollution and filth!

Reader, are you a Christian?


How then distinguish them?

Toil in Satan's slave-house!

Saving faith

Sheep or swine

A fire-escape from Hell!


It changes the tastes

We do not want them here!

What was wrong with him?

He may talk like an angel, and live like a devil.

Is your calling thus holy, high, heavenly?

One of the most fatal delusions that
ever imperiled the immortal soul!

How soon does the verdure wither away!

You never knew what real happiness was!

Awful fact!

If I am seeking everything that can delight my senses

O my soul, is this all satisfying treasure yours?

A Christ in their heads?

They open their eyes in hell, being in torments!

An actual, living, personal Friend

One of the greatest mysteries in religion

Their religion is hollow, unsubstantial, and unreal

Is a man's general character godly?

Empty Religion!

One of you is a devil!

An experimental Christian

Head or Heart?

These half hearted pilgrims

What a change has come over him!

True pilgrims!

The narrow gate!

The hand of faith

Sound Theology

True faith!

Swine or sheep?

Sheep or swine?

A whole Christ must be received — with the whole heart

The fruitless professor

The evidence of genuine piety

These half hearted pilgrims

There is a great deal of profession

The true test of the spiritual state of our souls!

Their supreme deity!

We would rather be infidels than Christians!

The unsaved man. The saved man.

The rotten plank!

The ostrich

It is a free grace salvation!

Orthodox but heterodox!

An ounce of heart-knowledge, is worth a ton of head-learning!

Form or Power?

A thin slice of godliness over a mass of carnality!

Living like Hell?

Nominal Christians...

Professing Christians...

Faith & Works


Your all?

Sprinkle a little religion?


Saving grace makes a man willing to leave his lusts!


A mere profession?

Salvation FROM sin...

Living in sin?

Followers of Jesus


Where's the fruit?

Our supreme deity

There must be a difference

Kiss the Son!


Grand Professions!

Externally religious

Church hypocrites

A melancholy spectacle!


True faith!

True or False?

Beware! lest you fall into the fire!


Fly, fly poor sinner...

God plus the world

Dead faith!

A living personal Jesus

The evidence of true faith...

The touchstone...

Total strangers to a work of divine grace in their hearts!


Believing right doctrine

Look and mourn . . .

The hard-hearted, cold-blooded, wise-headed
professor sees no snares

False faith

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