A whole Christ must be received—with the whole heart

(Thomas Sherman, "Aids to the Divine Life—A Series of Practical Christian Contemplations" 1680)

"Yet to all who received Him . . . He gave the right to become children of God" John 1:12

A whole Christ must be received—with the whole heart.

Some in their understanding, assent to the way of salvation—yet do not consent to it with their will. In judgment they are for Christ—but in affection they are for other things. There is only a part of their soul that is for Christ. Others would have the benefits that are from Christ—but have no love for the person of Christ.

Some would have Christ only as a Savior—but not as a Lord. They desire Him only as a Priest to offer a sacrifice for their sins—but not as a Prophet to instruct them, nor as a King to rule over them. So that it is but part of Christ, that they would receive.

But both of these courses are equally dangerous; for, if we would be saved, we must cleave to Christ with all the faculties of the soul—with will, judgment, affection, etc. And so, again, we must cleave to the whole of Christ—Christ in His natures, person, offices, etc. If, therefore, you would rightly receive Christ, see that your whole soul receives a whole Christ.