A sublime fiction?

(J. A. James, "The True Christian" 1846)

"Their destiny is destruction . . . their mind is on
 earthly things.
" Philip. 3:19

This is the description given by the apostle, of the
predominant taste and pursuits of the men of the

Sadly, this also describes a large proportion of those
who have 'professed' to come out from the world, and
to be a people separated unto God. How engrossed are
they, not only in the business, but in the cares, the love,
and the enjoyment of earthly vanities! Who would imagine,
to see their conduct, to hear their conversation, to observe
their spirit--so undevout, and so worldly--that these were
the men, who have heaven in their eye and heart, as their
eternal destiny? We would be inclined to think, that to
them, heaven is nothing more than . . .
  a mere name,
  a sublime fiction,
  a sacred vision,
which, with all its splendor, has scarcely power
enough to engage their thoughts and fix their
regards! How little effect has heaven . . .
  to elevate them above a predominant earthly-mindedness,
  to comfort them in trouble,
  to minister to their happiness,
  to mortify their corruptions.

Can it be that they are seeking for, and going to glory,
honor, and immortality--who think so little about it, and
derive so small a portion of their enjoyment from the
expectation of it?

"Their destiny is destruction . . . their mind is on
 earthly things.
" Philip. 3:19