These church-going atheists!

(Frank Hall)

"The fool says in his heart: There is no God!" Psalm 14:1

To deny the existence of God is to be an atheist — and all atheists are silly fools. However, those who profess to be atheists, and live according to their profession, are more honorable fools than the millions of painted hypocrites who profess faith in Christ and yet live like infidels! At least professing atheists are consistent fools! Atheists say that there is no God, and being true to their profession, they live as if there were no God. But there are untold multitudes of church goers who, in their pretentious religiosity, denounce atheism as an abomination — and yet they live just like atheists! These church-going atheists are pathetic because they lack the honesty and courage to speak what they say with their lives and in their hearts every single day — that there is no God!

Men and women who say that they believe in God, and yet live like Hell, are atheists at heart — and that makes them the most foolish of all fools!
"I'm a drunk, but I believe in God.
 I'm a profane worldling, but I believe in God.
 I'm a vile, filthy fornicator, but I believe in God.
 I live like Hell, but I'm going to Heaven.
 I don't worship God, but I believe in God.
 I don't read the Bible or practice its teachings, but I love the God who wrote it."

Such stupid gibberish betrays the atheism that is bound up in the hearts of religious hypocrites around the world! If you want to know what someone believes, look past what they say, and just consider how they live. All who say that there is a God in the heavens, and yet refuse to honor God's Son, are nothing more than atheists masquerading as Christians.

I wonder, what does your life say? Does it prove your profession to be true — or blast it to pieces?