All these foes and fears?

(J. C. Philpot, "King Of Kings")

We daily and hourly feel the workings of....
    mighty sins,
    raging lusts,
    powerful temptations,
    besetting evils,
against the least and feeblest of which we
have no strength. But as the eye of faith
views our blessed Lord at the right hand
of the Father, we are led by the power of
His grace to look unto Him, hang upon Him,
and seek help from him.

Trials in providence,
afflictions in the family,
sickness and infirmities in the body,
crooked things in the church,
opposition and persecution from the world,
a vile, unbelieving heart, which we can neither sanctify nor subdue,
a rough and rugged path, increasing in difficulty as we journey onward,
doubts, fears, and misgivings in our own bosom,
inward slips and falls,
startings aside,
hourly backslidings from the strait and narrow path,
jealous enemies watching for our halting,
with no eye to pity, nor arm to help.

How all these foes and fears make us feel our
need of an enthroned King, Head, and Husband,
whose tender heart is soft to pity, whose mighty
arm is strong to relieve!