J. C. Philpot

Deeply soul-humbling,
richly Christ-exalting,
experimental teaching.

"My desire is to exalt the grace of God; to proclaim salvation alone through Jesus Christ; to declare the sinfulness, helplessness and  hopelessness of man in a state of nature; to describe the living experience of the children of God in their trials, temptations, sorrows, consolations and blessings."

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The Master's Bounty, and the Servant's Obedience

The Mighty Watcher, and His Twofold Work

The Fool—His Character, Affliction, and Deliverance

Spiritual Times and Seasons

Getting and Losing

Balm in Gilead

The Wilderness Wanderer

The Houseless Wanderer

Life Given for a Prey

Not Our Own—Bought with a Price

Coming up from the Wilderness

Spiritual Paradoxes

Zion's Blessings

The Spiritual Chase

Heavenly Buying

The Sweet Loathed and the Bitter Relished

The Fruits and Marks of the Lord Being Our God

The Knowledge of Good and Evil

Light Affliction and Eternal Glory

Israel's Departure and Return

The Walk in the Fields and among the Vineyards

Super-aboundings of Grace over the Aboundings of Sin

Reconciliation and Salvation

The Refuge For The Oppressed

A Discriminating Ministry

Living Complaints

The Valley of Achor

The Blessedness of Trusting in the Lord

The Lost Sheep Restored

The Good Shepherd and His Work

The Only Safe Protection, and the Only Sure Refuge

The Sin Sick Soul And The Great Physician

The Sick Man's Prayer and the Sinner's Cry

The History of an IDOL, its Rise, Reign and Progress

The Threefold Overthrow of Self

The Profane, Wicked Prince Overturned;  and the Rightful King Set Up

Love in its Priceless Value and Unquenchable Strength

The Day of Power

The Word of God's Grace

The Eagle and Her Young

The Lost Sought and Saved

The Straying Sheep and the Sin-bearing Shepherd

The Unction of the Holy One

The Abiding Comforter

Heavenly Teaching

Pleasant Plants and Desperate Sorrow

Mans Devices and the Lord's Counsel

The Sacrifice Bound to the Horns of the Altar

Crucifixion with Christ

The Bruised Reed and Smoking Flax

Trying the Spirits

Pilgrims' Hunger and Pilgrims' Food

The Love of the World and the Love of God

The Gospel Seed-bed

Power Given to the Faint

The Cry of Jonah out of the Belly of Hell

The Blessedness of Divine Chastening

The Bitter Waters Sweetened

The Valley of Baca

The Afflicted Remnant and Their Confiding Trust

Patience and Her Perfect Work

Reconciliation by Death, and Salvation by Life

Letter of resignation from the Church of England

On the Law and the Gospel

The Law of Moses

The Saint's Path to Eternal Glory

The Loss of All Things for Christ's Sake

The Reproach Answered

The Farewell

The Solemn Appeal And Earnest Cry Of A Waiting Soul

Alienation and Reconciliation

Spiritual Convictions & Heavenly Affections

Life Given for a Prey

The Lord’s Merciful Look Upon His People

Israel's Happiness

The Wilderness and its Fruits

Prevailing Pleas, or the Hope and Savior of Israel

The Life of Christ Manifested in the Death of the Creature

The Love of Christ in Giving Himself for the Church

The Mountain Made a Plain

The Triumphs of Mercy

The Whole Armor of God

A Spiritual Death and a Hidden Life

Lawful Strife

Heavenly Gifts to Victorious Saints

Divine Enlargement and Spiritual Obedience

A Supply for Every Need

A Believer’s Dialogue with His Soul

What Is It That Saves a Soul?

The Soul's Growth in Grace

Spiritual Delight, and Confiding Trust

The Conqueror's Inheritance

Abounding of Love in Knowledge and Experience

The Savior of Israel

The Subjection of All Things Under the Feet of Jesus

The Trees of the Field, and Their Appointed Destiny

The Possession and Dispossession of the Strong Man Armed

A Compassionate High Priest and a Throne of Grace

Confiding Trust and Patient Submission

The Veil Taken Away

Spiritual Fruit

The Sieve and its Effects

The Heavenly Birth and its Earthly Counterfeits

The Secret of the Lord

The Lord's Thoughts

The Everliving Intercessor

Moab at Ease from His Youth and Settled on His Lees

The Inward Conflict Between the Flesh and the Spirit

A Peculiar People

The Only Safe Keeping

The Furnace and its Fruits

Treasures of Darkness

The Falling Rain and the Budding Earth

The Groaning Captive's Deliverance

God the Great Teacher and Leader of His People

The Fruit of the Lips

Spiritual Sickness and Health

Walking in the Spirit

The Old Man Put Off, The New Man Put On

The Prayer of Jabez

The Spiritual Conflict

Obedience from the Heart

The Well and the Wall

Blessings Imputed, and Mercies Imparted

Acceptable Present to the Lord of Hosts

The Battle Is the Lord's

The Heir of Heaven Walking in Darkness, and the Heir of Hell Walking in Light

The Better Things Which Accompany Salvation

Genuine Discipleship

Spiritual Poverty and Heavenly Riches

Peace, Tribulation, Victory

Following on to Know the Lord

Signs Seen, and Not Seen

The Breaker

The Living Sacrifice Presented

The Blowing of the Great Trumpet

The Blowing of the Gospel Trumpet

The Golden Chain of Tribulation and Love

Gracious Attractions and Heavenly Banquetings

The Thorn in the Flesh, or Strength Made Perfect in Weakness

Prayer, and its Answer

Prayer, and its Answer

The Lord's Invitation to the Ends of the Earth

The Things Which God has Prepared for Those Who Love Him

Man's Misery and God's Mercy

The Hope of the Cast-down Soul

The Northern Iron and the Steel

The Power and the Form

Joy and Gladness for Mourning Souls

The Word of Men and the Word of God

The Death of the Flesh the Life of the Spirit

The Rising Of The Day Star

Growing up into Christ in All Things

The Trial by Fire of Every Man's Work

The Working of All Things Together for Good

The Seed of Israel, Justified in Christ

The Vine and its Branches

Steps of Thankful Praise

The Promise of God to His Afflicted Church

The Eternal God the Refuge of His Saints

A Confessing Sinner, and a Forgiving God

The Valley Exalted, and the Mountain Laid Low

The Destruction through Death of Him Who Had the Power of Death

A Peculiar People

Pastoral Counsels

Zion's Waymarks

The Narrow Way

The Doctrine which Drops as the Rain, and the Speech which Distills as the Dew

The Spirit of Power, of Love, and of a Sound Mind

Deliverance from the Power of Darkness

Spiritual Mysteries

A Longing Soul in a Thirsty Land

Grace Superabounding over the Aboundings of Sin

The Fruits of Sin and the Fruits of Holiness

Sin Condemned and Righteousness Fulfilled

Waters Which do not Drown and Flames which do not Burn

The Sentence of Death in Ourselves

The Sons of God—Their Blessings and Their Privileges

An Anxious Inquiry and a Gracious Response

The Clean Water Sprinkled and the New Heart Given

Heavenly Attraction and Spiritual Obedience

The Exercise and Profit of Godliness

Faith's Standing-Ground

True Discipleship

The Work of Faith, Patience of Hope, and Labor of Love

The Wisdom of Men and the Power of God

Filth and Blood Purged by the Spirit of Judgment and the Spirit of Burning

The Soul's Pursuit After God

The Hope of the Hypocrite

The Promises Inherited

Four Links in the Chain of Grace

Christ Jesus the Lord Received and Walked In

Plenteous Redemption

Wilderness Hunger and Heavenly Manna

The Wine of Astonishment

The Appeal and Prayer of a Waiting Soul

Gospel Fruit the Test of Genuine Discipleship

Abiding in Christ

The Salted Sacrifice

The Fiery Trial

"Man's religion is to build up the creature.
is to throw the creature down in
the dust of self-abasement, and to glorify Christ."
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