GETHSEMANE—Leaves of Healing from the Garden of Grief

by Newman Hall, 1891

This Book is the fulfillment of a long-cherished purpose. It expresses the thoughts and prayers of many years, and is published with devout desire to minister consolation to some of the afflicted children of God.

1. The Place Called Gethsemane

2. Companions in Gethsemane

3. The Chosen Few for the Darkest Shades

4. The Agony in Gethsemane

5. The Agony Arising from Human Sensitiveness

6. The Agony Arising from Divine Purity and Love

7. Christ's Gethsemane Appeal to the Father

8. The Divine Fatherhood—an Argument both for Importunity and Resignation

9. Importunity in Gethsemane

10. Resignation in Gethsemane

11. Slumber in Gethsemane

12. Watch and Pray in Gethsemane

13. The Strengthening Angel

14. The Answer to the Prayer of Gethsemane

15. Deliverance in Trial by Strength to do the Will of God

16. The Traitor's Kiss

17. The Father's Cup in Gethsemane Accepted

18. Perfect through Suffering

19. The Brotherhood of the Divine Sufferer

20. The Brotherhood of the Sorrowful with Christ

21. The Weeping One of Gethsemane to Weeping Womanhood

22. The Petitioner of Gethsemane Our Helper in Prayer

23. Peace by Prayer

24. Believing Prayer Sure of Gracious Response

25. The Mourner's Self-Examination

26. Anxiety

27. Job in the Garden of Grief

28. David in the Garden of Grief

30. With Christ All's Well

31. Paul in the Garden of Grief

32. Fatherly Chastening

33. Fruits from the Garden of Affliction

34. Afterwards

35. Patient Waiting

36. Comfort in the Will of God

37. The Comfort of Praise

38. The Sufferer Consoling the Sad

39. Not Dead but Gone Home

40. The Glorified Sufferer

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