by Octavius Winslow, 1872


The title of this little work, it is hoped, sufficiently indicates its character and design, irrespective of any formal preface. It is intended to be a faint echo of God's words of divine love, addressed from time to time to His people, amid the varied experiences, duties, and trials of their Christian course. To aid and secure this holy result is the earnest design of this little volume, which the author commends to the devout perusal of the sincere believer in Jesus, and commits to the condescending blessing of the Triune God.

WORDS OF DIVINE COMFORT (the whole book in one file)

Reverence for God's Word

Honoring the Lord

The Lord, the Saints' Avenger

God's Unchanging Love

The Believer's Sufficiency of God

The Lord's Measured Correction

The Backslider's Return

The Nearness of God

Divine Acceptance

The Lord, a Wall of Fire

The Human Means

The Blessing Divine

Divine Love Questioned

The Best for God

The Tithes Brought--the Blessing Given

Jehovah's Jewels

God's Wounding and Healing

The Voice of the Lord in the Cloud

Patient Endurance of Wrong

Separation from the Ungodly World

Obedience to Christ

It Is the Blood That Saves

Jesus in the Chamber of Sickness

The Dying Believer

The Believer in Glory

Jesus in the House of Mourning

Jesus the Sinner's Guest

The Gentleness of God

Nothing Too Hard for God

The Lord's Loving Remembrances of Youth

The Lord Faithful, and His Word True to the Last