Grace Gems


The infernal dungeon of Hell!
John Bunyan, (6 minutes)

Charles Wesley, (11 minutes)

A Seasonable Prescription
James Smith (6 minutes)

This pleasure-loving, pleasure-seeking,
and pleasure-inventing age!

J.A. James (6 minutes)

Is This All?
John MacDuff (6 minutes)

It Will Cost You Everything!
Steve Lawson (11 minutes)

The Wrath of God!
Al Martin (4 minutes)

God's tools and instruments
Thomas Brooks (8 minutes)

Octavius Winslow (5 minutes)

Noah's Ark!
Edward Griffin (6 minutes)

A beautiful harlot sitting in her chariot
Thomas Brooks, (5 minutes)

Is he a brute? Is he a maniac?
J. A. James (6 minutes)

William Plumer (6 minutes)

A new creature!
Horatius Bonar (4 minutes)

True Christianity
J. C. Ryle (8 minutes)

He preached his own funeral sermon!
Samuel Davies (8 minutes)

It's just the truth!
Paul Washer (5 minutes)

Satan's Workshop!
J.A. James (3 minutes)

The Great Heart Changer!
Charles Spurgeon (3 minutes)

The Ant's Nest!
Thomas Boston (3 minutes)

So blind, so deaf, so dumb, so lame, so dead!
Thomas Brooks (5 minutes)

For you — a vile sinner, a rebel worm!
David Harsha (5 minutes)

Idling Life Away Like an Idiot or a Madman
J. C. Philpot (3 Minutes)

The Hiding Place!
Mark Webb (3 Minutes)

The Secret of True Happiness!
Harvey Newcombe (4 minutes)

Infected with a most dreadful,
fearful, soul-killing disease!

James Smith (5 minutes)

God's Love-letter
Thomas Brooks (3 minutes)

The infinite ocean of Christ's love!
Octavius Winslow (8 minutes)

Living a Life that Matters!
Francis Chan (6 minutes)

Practical Predestination
Octavius Winslow (5 Minutes)

The Religionists of the Day
J. C. Philpot (3 minutes)

You would pity me indeed!
John Newton (4 minutes)

When they awake in Hell!
by Arthur Pink (6 minutes)

Shun them as they would the plague!
by Arthur Pink (2 minutes)

The Miserable Dregs of Self!
J. C. Philpot (3 minutes)

Desiring God
Thomas Watson (6 minutes)

The Great White Throne Judgment!
Steve Lawson (63 minutes)

The God-Centeredness of Heaven
Steve Lawson (60 minutes)

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