The Love of Jesus!

James Smith

"I have loved you!"
John 15:12

WHOM does Jesus love? Every believer, whatever his outward circumstances may be. That is, everyone who loves Him and are in a measure, like Him. How wonderful that Jesus should love us, who are so vile, so debased, so ungrateful! Yes and it is fact, and He has proved it in a variety of ways.

He displayed His love BEFORE we knew Him, or were even capable of doing so in choosing fallen men to be saved and not the fallen angels. They fell as we did but their nature was more noble, their fall was from a greater eminence yet He did not assume their nature to save them but He became man to save us! And why? He tells us, "I have loved you!"

In making a full atonement for our sins, He satisfied justice to the full. He removed the curse entirely. He produced for us a righteousness, sparkling with glory beyond the rays of the morning sun! And why? He tells us, "I have loved you!"

He displayed His love NOW in the following ways:

In conquering all our spiritual adversaries which had overcome us, and had taken captive our entire race. No human arm was strong enough to overcome them, no mere creature could escape from them; but He came, He fought, He conquered, He triumphed in our nature, in our name, for our sake! And why? He tells us, "I have loved you!"

In going to heaven as our forerunner. He has carried our nature into the presence of the Father, He has shown that the path to glory is attainable, and He is now actively employed in heaven preparing places for us! And why? He tells us, "I have loved you!"

In sending the Holy Comforter, who comes in His name, to quicken, call, cleanse, and sanctify. By Him we are . . .
converted to God,
prepared for glory,
rendered useful in the present world,
and comforted in all our tribulations.

He was sent by Jesus into the church when first enthroned at the right hand of the Father. He was sent by Jesus into our hearts! And why? He tells us, "I have loved you!"

In acting as our intercessor and advocate before the Father. "He made intercession for the transgressors." He has pleaded for us, He presently pleads for us, He will continue to plead for us! And why? He tells us, "I have loved you!"

He has displayed His love in His DEALINGS with us. He found us cruel, determined, unfeeling enemies to Him. But He reconciled us, made us friends, and filled us with wonder at His love.

He bore with us, while under conviction of sin, when we thought harshly of Him, doubted Him, and tried by all possible means to do without Him.

He keeps us by His power and Holy Spirit, for we cannot be trusted for one solitary moment!

He only chastens us in love when he might justly punish us in wrath.

He restores us from all our wanderings, and freely forgives our follies.

He carries on His work within us, and generously supplies all our needs. He rejoices to save us, though as repulsive as worms, and viler than the earth!

And He does all this for us, and does all gladly, notwithstanding our ingratitude, perverseness, and rebellion! And why? He tells us, "I have loved you!"

His love is displayed in what He INTENDS to do for us. He will come in glory and majesty as our Bridegroom, to fetch us home, and openly marry us, and make us the partners of His throne, triumphs, and glory forever!

He will separate us from all sin and sinners, and everything that can pain, trouble, or grieve us.

He will clothe us with glory as bright as the sun, and as lasting as eternity! He will bring us to reign, and to triumph and crown us with glory!

He will fill us with joy unspeakable and full of glory, and give us to possess more than our eye has seen, or our ear ever heard, or our heart could ever imagine! And why? He tells us, "I have loved you."

What will he not do for those whom He loves? What has not the love of Jesus done, or promised to do? It is, it will be, it must be matter of wonder throughout eternity that Jesus should love us so so freely, so constantly, with love so pure, so unbounded, and so Godlike!

Behold, how He loves us!

Behold, and wonder!

Behold, and praise!

Behold, and love Him in return!