There Is Hope!

James Smith, 1860

A North American Indian, having heard the gospel, was brought under conviction of sin, his sleep departed from him, and he became restless and wretched. He saw himself on the brink of eternal misery, he sought for mercy but there appeared an impassable mountain before him, and his way was hedged up with thorns, he felt that he could not move an inch. Despair began to seize upon him, and he was settling down into gloom, and giving up all for lost. Just then, as if a voice spoke to him, the words sounded in his soul, "There is hope! There is hope!" He was led to the Lord Jesus, obtained pardon, found peace, became a new creature, and at once manifested a glowing desire for the salvation of all around him. He lived a happy and a useful life, and died a peaceful and an enviable death.

Years have rolled away since this event occurred but human nature is the same, true religion is the same, and the grace of God that brings salvation is the same.

Has my reader been convinced of sin, and led to see himself on the brink of everlasting misery? Has he been cut off from all hope in the law, and all dependence on his own doings? Has he any doubt of his salvation, or fear of his acceptance with God. If so, the gospel still cries, "There is hope! There is hope!" Yes, there is hope for the vilest. There is pardon for the basest. There is salvation for the worst. There is a Savior, O glorious news! He is both able and willing to save, O blessed intelligence! He saves all who come to him, and are willing to be saved by him, O delightful fact! There is hope, for his blood cleanses from all sin. There is hope, for by his obedience many shall be made righteous. There is hope, for his Spirit will . . .
melt the hardest heart,
cleanse the foulest soul, and
relieve the most troubled conscience.

There is hope, for Jesus loves to save, wishes to save, and rejoices over every sinner that comes to be saved by him.

Reader, whoever you are, or whatever you are there is hope for you. The door of mercy is not yet closed. The blood of Jesus has not lost its efficacy. The heart of Jesus is not hardened, or turned against any seeking soul. Satan may suggest that there is no hope but there is. Your own heart may misgive, and doubts may spring up within you but unto you is the Word of God's salvation sent.

At this moment, God waits to be gracious unto you.

At this moment, Jesus waits to show mercy unto you.

At this moment, the Spirit is addressing you, and wishes you to accept of a free pardon.

Nothing can make your case hopeless but unbelief. If you will not believe God when he tells you that he is ready to pardon when he beseeches you to be reconciled unto him when he takes oath that he has no pleasure in your death, and therefore pathetically asks, "Why will you die?" if you will not believe you must perish! And this will be your condemnation, that God called to you and you would not hear that Jesus died to make a free and easy way to Heaven, and you would not walk in it that the Holy Spirit warned, invited, and strove with you but like the deaf adder, you stopped your ear. Still, at present "There is hope! There is hope!" Reader there is hope for you. "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved!"