I Have Found Jesus!

James Smith, 1860

A Godly man had observed that his beloved daughter was becoming unusually dull and reserved. He offered up special prayer for her but could get no satisfactory information from her. She became more gloomy, and her countenance was sad and dejected. The father prayed, the child suffered. When things had gone on so for more than a month, one day she came to her father, and as tears of joy rolled down her cheeks, she whispered, "I have found Jesus!"

She was now anew creature. Her heart was filled with joy. Her countenance was bright and sunny. Her voice sounded forth the praises of her Savior. She had passed from death unto life. The kingdom of God was set up in her heart, which is righteousness and peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit. Now, in union with a beloved sister, she set herself by prayer and supplication, and the use of every appropriate means, to seek the immediate salvation of a brother. She loved that brother before but, O how she loved him now! She would do anything for that brother before but now the love of Jesus constrained her, to make his conversion and salvation the object of her life. Thus it always is, when we have found Jesus ourselves we cannot rest but as we bring others to him, and we generally begin first, with those we love best.

Reader, have you ever passed through the experience of this young lady? Has sin ever troubled you? Have you ever smarted under the lashings of a guilty conscience? Have you ever trembled at the thoughts of the wrath of God? Have you gone mourning and sorrowing, because you felt yourself a sinner in the sight of God? Have you searched your Bible, visited God's house, and pleaded in your closet, until you could say, "I have found Jesus!"

To find Jesus, is to find the pearl of great price. To find Jesus, is to find a Savior, a friend, a brother born for adversity. To find Jesus, is to find a title to Heaven, a saving interest in all the precious promises of God, and a remedy for all the ills of life. To find Jesus, is to find all things in one, for it has pleased the Father that in him, should all fullness dwell. When we find Jesus we find pardon, peace, holiness, happiness, and eternal life. Happy, thrice happy is the soul that can honestly say, "I have found Jesus!"

Is your heart set on winning your dear relations and friends for Jesus! Do you plead with God for them? Is it your earnest prayer, that you may be made wise to win their souls? This is always the natural result of finding Jesus for ourselves; and therefore young converts are always full of zeal for the conversion of others. How can we enjoy the love of Jesus ourselves and not wish others to do so? How can we he filled with the peace of God, and the comforts of the Holy Spirit and not ardently desire that others should enjoy the same blessing? The love of Jesus in the heart always fills with love to souls. The presence of Jesus with us always prompts us to seek, and endeavor to save those who are lost. If it prompted Jesus to leave his Father's throne, to live and labor as a servant on earth, and to lay down his life for sinners; surely it will prompt us, to deny ourselves, and to do what little we can to carry out his purpose, and save souls from death.

If you have not found Jesus yet, seek him until you do, you cannot seek him in vain, if you seek him in faith, for his own Word says, "Every one that seeks, shall find." If you have found Jesus, show it, by letting your light so shine before men, that they seeing your good works, may glorify your Father which is in Heaven. Having found Jesus yourself, bring all you can to seek him.