On the Wrong Side of the Thatch

by James Smith, 1860

A man was out on a journey one day, and was overtaken by a violent storm. He came upon another who was in the same circumstances, who looking at him said, "Friend, you and I, are on the wrong side of the thatch!" They were both outside when it was most desirable to be within.

It is to be feared, that many will be just in that state by and bye. There is a tremendous storm coming an eternal storm of fire and brimstone; and all who are exposed to it, will be miserably destroyed by it. There is but one shelter from it and that shelter is Jesus. But Jesus will only shelter those who are found in him.

All such will be safe, comfortable, and joyful; all others will be in danger, miserable, and tormented. All who are out of Christ, be they whatever they may will be "on the wrong side of the thatch."

Nor will it matter how near they are to the place of safety, if they are not in it. An inch from the entrance will be as bad as a mile away. Destruction is certain to all that are outside for there is safety only within.

When the flood came upon the world of the ungodly all who were outside the ark, were found to be "on the wrong aide of the thatch," and perished accordingly. When Lot left Sodom, and arrived at Zoar all who were left in Sodom, were "on the wrong side of the thatch," and were destroyed by the fire and brimstone! Just so will it be at the last, with all who are outside of Christ. They may have heard of Christ, they may have treated his ordinances and people with respect, they may have bowed the knee at his name, and have sung his praises with the tongue but if they are not sprinkled with his blood, sanctified by his Spirit, and united to his person they are "on the wrong side of the thatch."

All in Christ will be safe but only those who are in Christ. All outside of Christ will perish however moral, apparently devout, or respected by their fellow-men.

Many moral people, no doubt, perished in the flood in the days of Noah and many moralists will be sentenced to everlasting fire at the last.

Reader, where are you? Are you in Christ? Have you fled to him, cast your soul upon him, and given yourself up to be saved by him? Make sure of this. Let there be no doubt upon the subject, for it is of the utmost consequence. Be not satisfied with anything less than a spiritual knowledge of Christ, vital union with Christ, and a life of devotedness to Christ.

Christ is accessible to you now. You may enter into him, if you have not already. He is the sinner's refuge from the storm, and the sinner's only refuge. O come to him, if you have not! Come to him afresh, if you have! Come to Jesus daily. Trust in Jesus wholly. Expect salvation from Jesus alone. Renounce all your own good works. Place no dependence on your own feelings. But betake yourself as a naked sinner to the Savior, that he may become your righteousness and strength!

Life is very uncertain. Death often comes suddenly. Jesus will soon come the second time. Take care, take care, lest when death arrests you, or the last trumpet sounds you should be found "on wrong side of the thatch!"