God Is Faithful

James Smith, 1858

The faithlessness of our own hearts, and the lack of stability in some of our friends, often causes us considerable uneasiness. We are not to be depended upon. I cannot depend on myself — for I am always changing. Nor can I depend on my fellow Christians — for I find they are as liable to change as I am. And yet I need someone in whom to trust, someone on whom I can depend, someone in whom I can confide.

Here my Bible comes in to my aid, revealing God in the person of his Son, and presenting him as the object of my confidence and trust. His love never varies. His purposes never change. His promises are always true. I may trust him with all I value. I may trust him for all I need. I may trust him when all around me change. The waves are always in motion — but the rock never moves; the earth is never still — but the sun remains fixed forever. Just so, while we change and vary — God is the same, and knows not the shadow of a turning.

"God is faithful," and therefore, seeing his Son has died for sinners, and by dying has made an atonement for sin — he receives the petitions, pardons the sins, and accepts the person, of every one that comes to him in the name of Jesus. If we go to him in our own name, or making mention of any of our own doings — his faithfulness causes him to frown upon us, and refuse to receive us; because we have sinned, and the threatenings of his law are against us. But if we go in the name of Jesus, and plead his precious blood — then his faithfulness requires him to welcome us, forgive us, and bless us. Because he has promised if we confess our sins, and come to him by Jesus — he will accept and save us. God's faithfulness is a very great encouragement to the coming sinner, because he has said, that he will be merciful to our unrighteousness; and our sins and our iniquities — he will remember no more. Coming sinner, yield not to fear, do not give way to doubts, because for the sake of Jesus — God will blot out your sins, receive you graciously, and save you with an everlasting salvation. He has promised to do so, and he is faithful to his Word.

"God is faithful," and therefore he will not forsake his people, or permit their enemies to triumph over them. The faithfulness of God is one of the surest supports of the Christian's faith.

Burdened one, cast your burden upon the Lord, and he will sustain you — for he is faithful who has promised.

Troubled one, call on the Lord in the day of your trouble, he will deliver you, and you shall glorify him — for he is faithful who has promised.

Weak one, look to the Lord and he will strengthen you, he will help you; yes, he will uphold you with the right hand of his righteousness — for he is faithful who has promised.

Tempted one, trust in the Lord, for no temptation has taken you — but such as is common to man, and God is faithful, who will, with the temptation, make a way for your escape, that you may be able to bear it.

Aged believer, hope continually, for he says, "I will be your God throughout your lifetime— until your hair is white with age. I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you!" And he is faithful who has promised.

We can witness for God, that he has been faithful to us, even though we have been faithless to him. We have forsaken him — but he has never forsaken us. We have forgotten him — but he has never forgotten us. We have questioned his love, grieved his Spirit, and belied our profession — and yet he has been faithful, and kept his word to us. Not one thing has failed, of all that the Lord our God has promised. He has been to us a kind friend, a tender father, a wise Counselor, and a faithful God. We have changed often — but he never. We have failed him — but he has never failed us. And now, surely during the few latter stages of our journey, we may trust him, cast our cares upon him, and expect our supplies from him.

We have his Word, and his promises are all plain, simple, and decided; and he cannot deny himself. Let us therefore trust in the Lord forever, trust and not be afraid, trust and say with Paul, "He who has delivered, does deliver — and in him we trust that he will yet deliver us!" O believer, how full of comfort is this glorious truth — God is faithful. And therefore Satan shall not conquer us, sin shall not have any dominion over us, our troubles shall not be too much for us, nor shall death itself sever us from his love!

Unsaved sinner, God is faithful — he means every word of his threatenings, and he will execute the most terrible of them on his enemies. He is slow to anger — but when he is angry, it is dreadful. He is long-suffering to us — but his patience has its limit. He has no pleasure in the death of a sinner — yet he will punish every obstinate unbeliever with flaming fire, and with everlasting destruction, away from his glorious presence! Who knows the power of his anger? Who shall attempt to describe his indignation?

That "God is faithful," is written in letters of living light and beauty on the jasper walls of the new Jerusalem. And that "God is faithful," is written in letters of devouring flame, on the adamantine walls of Hell. That "God is faithful," is witnessed by every glorified spirit in Heaven. And that "God is faithful," is witnessed by every lost soul in the depths of Hell. May we prove the faithfulness of his love and mercy, in our complete and everlasting salvation; but may no one who reads these lines, prove the faithfulness of his justice in everlasting burnings, and black despair!