Belief in Trouble

James Smith, 1865

"Cast your burden upon the Lord and He shall sustain you! He will never allow the righteous to be moved!" Psalm 55:22

To be burdened at times, is the common lot of humanity. Every man has his own burden. But it is especially the case with the Lord's people. By faith in Jesus they are justified; His righteousness is placed to their account, and they are accepted as righteous before God. Provision is made both for their holiness and happiness but they are often sorely burdened.

Sometimes worldly cares press heavily upon them,
bodily diseases weaken and pain them,
domestic trials wound and distress them,
church troubles, in some cases, lie like a millstone on their spirits,
and sin and sorrow are sure to be with them!

Every day brings its burden, and the lack of faith and fervent devotion adds to its weight. "While we live in these earthly bodies we groan and are burdened!" A body of sin and death, apart from everything else, is enough to make us do so!

But here is our relief this is our comfort: the Lord is willing to bear our burdens for us! He will not prevent our being burdened but we may take our burdens to His throne, and leave them there! Oh blessed privilege! My poor burdened brother or sister, God, your own God, bids you carry every burden to Him and cast it upon Him. He does not wish to see you bowed down and sad. He would rather carry the load, than you should be cast down. He says, "Let your burden be what it may, let it be ever so heavy cast it upon Me."

So that now it becomes an act of obedience to do so. In fervent, oft-repeated prayer; by steady, persevering faith; in the exercise of a lively hope cast every burden upon the Lord. Courage is required display it. As fast as any burdens are laid on you cast them upon your God.

My poor widowed sister it is your burden that He means.

Young man, weak believer it is your burden too that is intended.

Aged Christian the Lord specially points to you. He has carried many a burden for you, He will carry your present one. He will carry your last burden for you.

Minister of Jesus, your poor heart is sad, and your troubled soul is cast down and dejected; but Jesus, your Jesus, says, "Cast your burden upon Me!" You have often exhorted others to do so do it yourself; do it, and peace shall flow into your agitated breast.

Burdened soul every burdened soul who reads this page you are intended, you are especially addressed. Yes, God intends you; try therefore to carry your burden to your Lord's throne and leave it there. He will manage it for you, sanctify it to you, and overrule it for your good.

What encouragement is here! "He will sustain you!" He will send you supplies if you need them. He will grant you support if your burden is to remain. He will work your deliverance however difficult your circumstances may be.

"He will never allow the righteous to be moved." Clothed as he is, in the righteousness of Jesus; united as he is, to the person of God's Christ he shall never be moved. Shaken, terrified, and perplexed he may be. Tempted, tried, burdened, oppressed, and cast down most probably he will be; but he shall never be moved. Faith, which has grasped the promise; faith which has embraced the Savior, shall maintain its hold. God will keep his feet, as it is written, "He will keep the feet of His saints."

Glory shall crown what grace begins. The grace which first quickened the soul will preserve it alive. The grace which enlightened will sustain. The grace which justified will glorify. Glory is the crown of grace, and the everlasting proof of the faithfulness of God.

He who casts his burden upon the Lord he who proves himself to be righteous, by doing righteousness "shall never be moved."

He shall never be moved from the cross as the ground of his hope. Stripped of his own righteousness, emptied of carnal pride, he has fled to the cross for pardon and obtained peace. In the cross his faith centers; from the cross his hope springs; on the cross, for acceptance with God, he rests; and from that cross he shall never be moved. Error may spread. Satan may tempt. Men may try to mislead him. But, as constant as earth revolves round the sun, deriving its light and heat from it so constant will such a man be in his dependance and reliance on the cross of Christ. He shall never be moved from the foundation which God has laid in Zion. On that foundation he builds for eternal life. On that foundation rests his everlasting all. To that foundation he is united. With that foundation he is one. The building and the foundation are not more one than Christ and his soul are one.

Storms may beat. Winds may howl. Tempests may roar. Earth may quake. The very frame of nature may be dissolved. But he shall not be moved for Christ and his soul are one. Oh, blessed fact! Oh, glorious truth! Never be moved from the foundation, let what will take place around him or be felt within him. He shall never be moved from the Savior in whom he trusts. No, never! He can say, "I know in whom I have believed." I know Him to be Divine, I know Him to be the only Savior. I know Him sufficiently to trust myself and my everlasting all in His hands. He will never fail. He cannot deceive me. What I have committed to Him is safe and safe forever. Nothing can move him from Jesus. He cleaves to Him, and roots in Him, like the ivy in the wall; and may boldly ask, "What shall separate us from Christ?"

He shall never be moved from the throne at which he pleads. On that throne his Father sits. Before that throne his Savior intercedes. To that throne he is invited to come boldly. At that throne he found peace and obtained mercy, received grace, and felt a present heaven. There he has already left many a burden. There his sighs have been changed to songs. His darkness has been turned to light. His hell has been turned to heaven. Moved from that throne! Finally moved from it! Impossible, except it be to stand before the throne of glory!

But the throne of grace where we worship now, like a beautiful dissolving view, will melt into the throne of glory by-and-bye! The penitent pleader now, will be the praising and adoring worshiper then.

Oh, my friend, carry every burden to your God. Cast every burden on your Savior. He will not only carry your burdens for you but He will carry you also, and will place you before His Father's face in glory forever! In all your darkness and doubt, in all your sickness and sorrow, in all your temptations and trials, under all your burdens and oppressions, listen, listen to your Lord's loving exhortation, and act upon it, "Cast your burden upon the Lord and He shall sustain you! He will never allow the righteous to be moved!"