The Hidden Life

J. R. Miller, 1895

The Chapters in this little volume may have their message to some who are striving to live near the heart of Christ. It is the hidden life which makes the character. What we are in the depths of our being, where no human eye can penetrate, that we are actually, as God sees us. Then this inner life will ultimately work its way through to the surface, transforming the character into its own quality. Nothing can be more important, therefore, than that the hidden life be true, pure, beautiful, and Christ-like. "Man looks at the outward appearance—but the Lord looks at the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7


The Hidden Life

The Outer and Inner Life

Satisfaction—Not Repression

Comfort in Christ's Knowledge of Us

A condition of Divine Blessing

Secrets of Contentment

Our Unanswered Prayers

For the People Who Fail

The Sin of Not Praying for Others

On Growing Old Successfully