Finding the Way

J. R. Miller, 1904

Section 1

Finding the Way

Learning God's Will

God's Silences to Us

Letting God In

The Sympathy of Christ

The Only Bond

The Master at Prayer

The Master on the Beach

Section 2

In the Love of God

The Abundant Life

We are Able

To Each One His Work

One Thing I Do

At Your Word, I Will

The Duty of Pleasing Others

The Privilege of Suffering Wrongfully

Section 3

The Duty Waiting Without

The Thanksgiving Habit

Because You Are Strong

The Glasses You Wear

As If We Did Not

Making A Good Name

Letting Things Run Down


The little books of this "Silent Times" Series have been a great comfort to the author in that they have proved helpful to many people in all parts of the world. Letters come continually from those who have been strengthened or encouraged by them. This new volume is sent out in the hope that it, too, may carry cheer and inspiration to those who may read it. The sweetest joy of earth, comes from the privilege of being used by the Master in helping others to live a little more hopefully, victoriously and usefully.