The Every Day of Life

J. R. Miller, 1892

It's never too late to begin the journey of the every-day of life to awaken and strengthen your soul.

Section 1

The every-day of life

Our Debt to the Past

The Beatitude for the Unsuccessful

The Blessing of Quietness

On Being a Discourager

Making Life a Song

Life-Music in Chorus

Section 2

Loving the Unseen Friend

The Secret of Peace

 In Time of Loneliness

The Blessedness of Not Knowing

Words about Consecration

The Duty of Speaking Out

Learning by Doing

Section 3

The Blessing of Patience

Hurting the Lives of Others

The Cost of Being a Friend

Our Unsuspected Perils

The Bearing of Our Burdens

The Influence of Companionship

As it is in Heaven

The Ending of the Day



This book is dedicated to those who want to grow more holy. If you are satisfied with yourself—you would better not read it, for it might spoil your contentment.

It is sent out with the hope that it may be helpful to some, first in showing glimpses of better things, and then in leading toward them. It is written for people who have common human experiences, in the heart of the world's toil and care; one who is a fellow-pilgrim with like experiences would lend a brother's hand.

Perhaps a discouraged one—may take heart again after reading some of these simple chapters; or one who has not thought seriously of life—may grow a little more earnest; or one who has fallen by the way—may rise and face toward the light and begin to live victoriously; or a fainting robin may be helped back into the nest again. That will be blessing enough.
J. R. Miller