The Ministry of Comfort

J. R. Miller, 1898

Section 1

Glimpses of Immortality

Why Trouble Comes

"But He for our Profit"

Love in Taking Away

Trouble as a Trust

Some Blessings of Sorrow

Comfort in God's Will

Section 2

Jesus as a Comforter

God Himself the Best Comfort

The Duty of Forgetting Sorrow

Effectual Prayer

The Effacement of Self

One Day

The Culture of the Spirit

Section 3

The Secret of Serving

The Habit of Happiness

Thinking Soberly

Stumbling at the Disagreeable

The Duty of Thanksgiving


Things Which Discourage Kindness

Putting Away Childish Things


A theological professor used to say to his students, "Never fail in any service, to have at least a word of comfort. No congregation, however small, ever assembles, but there is in it a person in sorrow, who will go away unhelped, if in scripture lesson, hymn or prayer, there is nothing to lift up a heavy heart."

No book for devotional reading would be complete, however full of other lessons, if it contained nothing for those who are in sorrow. In this little volume special prominence is given to the ministry of comfort, in the hope that the book may make some hearts braver and stronger in the hard and painful ways of life. It is affectionately dedicated to those who are called to pass through trial.