The Building of Character

J. R. Miller, 1894, Philadelphia

Part 1

The Building of Character

Our Undiscovered Faults

Life's Second Chance

Getting Help From Criticism

Fellow-workers with God

Our Debt to Others

Part 2

The Responsibility of Greatness

The Ability of faith

Sources of Strength

The Blessing of Weakness

Living Victoriously

Interpreters for God

Part 3

Some Secrets of a Beautiful Life

Helping by Prayer

The Cost of Praying

Making Friendship Hard

Give Them Something to Eat

On Judging Others

Part 4

Christ's Withheld Lessons

For the Days of Darkness

Hidden Words in the Bible

Getting the Joy of Christ

The Need of the Afterlook

Nothing else we can do or make in this world is so important as that which we build along the years in ourselves. What we are at the end is a great deal truer test of living—than what we have or what we have done.

It is hoped that these chapters may give helpful suggestions to thoughtful readers toward the attaining of the things in life which are more excellent. The author is exceedingly grateful to the many who have written him of the strength, comfort, encouragement, guidance, or inspiration received from his former books, and sends out this new volume in the hope that it, too, may have a ministry of helpfulness.