The Best Things in Life

J. R. Miller

He who is satisfied with himself and with his attainments, is not living worthily. A wholesome life ever sees better things yet to be reached. Being good is not enough; striving to be better is not the loftiest aim. Nothing less than the best should ever satisfy an immortal being!

Part 1

1. For the Best Things

2. Think on These Things

3. Apelles, The Approved

4. The Rule of Peace

5. Sympathy with Weakness

6. Persis, The Beloved

7. This Beginning of the Signs

Part 2

8. Christ In Our Every Days

9. Doing Impossible Things

10. Crosses

11. Power of Christ's Friendship

12. Why Not be Troubled?

13. The Problem of Temptation

14. Christ's Body and Its Members

Part 3

15. Reserve

16. A Program for a Day

17. Let Us Love One Another

18. Praying Without Ceasing

19. Roots and Roses

20. Show Me the Path