J.R. Miller
(1840 - 1912)

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Think on These Things (audio)

Go Forward! (audio)

The Lord is My Shepherd

The Shepherd Psalm

The Splendor of Kindness

The Lesson of Service

A Living Christ!

At the Feet of Jesus

That Will Do!

The Refuge in Sorrow

The Making of a Man

A Word about TEMPER

The Sacredness of Opportunity

Taking Cheerful Views

Learning How to be Thoughtful

Judging Others


The Face of the Master

The Transfigured Life!

Getting Along with People

The Necessity of Daily Bible Reading

The Necessity of Daily Prayer

Thunderor Angel's Voice?

Life as a Ladder

Thread for a Web Begun

How to Live a Beautiful Christian Life

Choosing to Do HARD Things

My Will—or God's Will?

Our Daily Bread

In All Your Ways!

Learning to Be Content

Do Nothing Rashly

The Secret of Gladness

While We May

Looking One's Soul in the Face

Talking of One's Ailments

Getting Help From Criticism

Christian Conversation

Our Undiscovered Faults

The Habit of Encouraging Others

The Home of the Soul

The Ministry of Kindness

The Ministry of Encouragement

The Word that was NOT Said

The SEEDS We Are Scattering

Thoughtfulness and Tact

PRAYER in the Christian life

According to His Will

Shut Your Door

Motes in Other People's Eyes

Ministries that Bless

Finding God's Comfort

Iron Shoes for Rough Roads

Forward, and Not Back

Loyalty to Christ

The Hallowing of Our Burden


Nevertheless, Afterward

The Cost of Being a Blessing

Sorrow in Christian Homes

The Beatitude for Sorrow

The Duty of Forgetting Sorrow

Losing SELF in Christ

The Ministry of Comfort

Copying but a Fragment

The Blessing of Weakness

The Sweet Fragrance of Prayer

The SILENT Christ



Being Christians on Weekdays

Summer Gathering for Winter's Need

The manliness of Jesus

Glimpses at Life's Windows

Don't Worry!

Reasons for Not Worrying

Transformed by Beholding

The Ripening of Character

A Gentle Heart

Serving One Another in Love

Unconscious Helpfulness

Turning Northward

Pictures in the Heart

Cheerful Counsel for Christians

Christian Essentials

Paul's Advice to Timothy

Paul's Last Words

Blessings of Bereavement

The Christian Husband

The Christian Wife

Christian Motherhood

The Engagement Ring

The Marriage Altar—and After

Secrets of Happy Home Life

The Home Conversation

Our New Edens
(the Christian home)

Counsel and Help

Mutual Forbearance

On Loving Others

The Cure for Care

The Duty of Encouragement

Beautiful Old Age
(excerpt on old age)

The Problem of Christian Old Age

Christ and I are Friends

More than Conquerors

The Work of the Plough

Being a Comfort to Others

Judging Others

For a Busy Day

Wayside Ministries

The Christian in the World

Guarded from Stumbling

The Quest for the Best!

Secrets of Contentment

Can We Learn to be Contented?

Looking at the Right Side

The Grace of Thoughtfulness

The Joy of the Lord

Dangers of Discouragement

One Day at a Time

Steps on the Stairs

Father, Bless Me!

Giving What We Have

Talking about one's self

A Parable of Christian Growth

The Wider Life

Personal Beauty

Books and Reading

The Ethics of Home-decoration

The choice of FRIENDS

The Blessing of Quietness

Seeds of Light

Manly Men


The Service of Consecration

Learning Our Lessons

The Best Family Bible

Being a Christian Between the Sundays

Hands: a Study

Living Victoriously

Living up to our Prayers

Broken Lives

Tired Feet

The Blessing of Work

Into the Desert

Helpful People

The Secret of Personal Helpfulness

Coming to the End

Looking Unto the Hills

Afterward You Will Understand

The Practice of Immortality

Strength and Beauty

Christian Manliness


Service Declined

What God Thinks of Us

Shallow Lives

Crowding Out the Best

Things to Leave Undone

Fruit in Its Season

True Religion

The Beauty of the Imperfect

How to Meet Temptation

At the Full Price

The Blessing of Hardness

The Ministry of Hindrances

In Time of Defeat

The Duty of Fault-Finding

The Duty of Laughter

Minding the 'Rests'

The Cure for Weariness

Doing Impossible Things

A New Heart Makes a New World!

Judge as We Judge

Every Day an Easter

Christmas Making

The Blossoming of our Thorns

Obedience that Pleases Christ

The Outer and Inner Life

The Beautifying of Imperfect Living

Speak it Out

The Basis of Helpfulness

Helping by Not Hindering

The Duty of Pleasing Others

The Privilege of Suffering Wrongfully

The Duty Waiting Without

The Thanksgiving Habit

Because You Are Strong

Refuge from the Hurt of Tongues

The Glasses You Wear

Our Deposit with Christ

Christ's Deposit with Us

The Making of Character

Unfinished Life-building

A Life of Character

The Influence of Companionship

Making Life a Song

The Beauty of the Lord

Getting Christ's Touch

The Strength of Quietness

The Blessing of Patience

As it is in Heaven

The Shadows We Cast

On the Bearing of Our Burden

Other People

Loving Your Neighbor

The Cost of Being a Friend

The Sin of Being a Discourager

Summer Gathering for Winter's Needs

Christs Reserve in Teaching

Forgetting Sorrow

Finding Comfort in Sorrow

In Time of Loneliness

In the Everlasting Arms

Under God's Wings

I Am the Only One Left!

At the Proper Time We Will Reap

Jesus and I are Friends!

Life's Open Doors

Numbering our Days

Mastering the Blues

Making or Marring Beauty

The Misuse of the Gift of Speech

The Danger of Talking Too Much

Books Worth While

A Talk about Disposition

The Advantage of Keeping One's Temper

The Grace of Being Obliging

The Old and the New

What to Do with Our Money

What to Do with Our Hands

Some Indirect Ways of Lying

The Practical Value of a Promise

The Home-life

Your Mother

Hannah as a Mother

A New Year

The Sacredness of the Redeemed Life

Learning to Be Thoughtful

On the Control of Temper

The Use of Time

How Prayer Helps us

Finishing our Work

Finishing Our Work

A High Sense of Honor

What Loving My Neighbor Means

The Fiery Furnace

The Law of Love

Hearing and Doing

The Penitent Woman

A Troubled Soul

Heavenly Worship

Later You Will Understand!

How God Prepares His Jewels!

Differing Gifts

A Letter and the Answer

A Field Without Springs

Woman's Ministry

Water the Roots!

Dead at the Top!

The Words of Christ!

A Plant That Needs Culture!
(On friendship, superb!)

Post-mortem Love

To Young Disciples

Men Who Had Been with Jesus

The Nether Springs

The Basis of Friendship

My Responsibility

God's Workmanship

He Knows His Own!

The Alabaster Box

The Sunday School Teacher's Grave

By My Spirit

What Is a Christian Life?

The Power of Prayer

Unreality in Religion

Lessons for Christian Workers

Do Not Quench the Spirit

The Ladder of Life!

Broken Lives

Wise and Unwise Helpfulness

IN, but Not OF the World

We are All Builders

On Keeping Quiet

The Touch of Christ!

Things That Endure

The By-paths of the Bible

The Cost of Reaching the Best

On Doing Our Best

When Kindness is Unkind

The Interweaving of the Days

The Young Christian!

Doing, and Not Doubting

No True Work Is Vain

Be a Blessing

Just for Today

Making a Living and Making a Life

Our Lives, Words of God

The Lesson of Contentment

Two Ways

The Duty of Being Always Strong

Strength for a New Year

More than Food

Learning Contentment

The Sin of Drifting

My Fellow-Laborers

The Value and Responsibility of One Life

The Folly of Drifting into Marriage

How Not to Show Sympathy

Choosing Our Friends

How to Read the Bible

The Entanglements of Love

Learning the Lessons of Love at Home

Is Worrying a Christian Duty?

On the Footpath to Success

Causes of Failure

Sticking to One's Calling

Putting Away Childish Things

Remember the Way

Preparation for Death

The Inner Life

David's Joy over Forgiveness

What is Consecration?

The Success of Those Who Fail

Life's Waste in Lost Opportunities

The Glory of the Common Life

Ecclesiastes 5:1

Kindness That Comes Too Late

Behold, the Man!

Why did Peter Fail?

The Yoke and the School

Lessons Learned Under an Old Tree

What Makes One a Christian?

Compensation in Life

The Hidden Life

Wholesome or Unwholesome Living

The Effacement of SELF

The Habit of Happiness

Comfort in Christ's Knowledge of Us

Our Unanswered Prayers

The Beatitude for the Unsuccessful

The Hidden Life

People who Fail

This Too, Shall Pass Away

The Bible in Life

Being Christians on Weekdays

People Who Disappoint Us

Reaching for the Mountain Splendors

The Wedded Life

Comfort Through Personal Helpfulness

The Blessing of Quietness

Life's Open Doors

Religion in the Home

Stretch Forth Your Hand!

By the Still Waters

Living Victoriously

The Unrecognized Christ

Coming to the End

Shut In

When We Are Laid Aside

His Brother Also

The Beauty of Kindness

Does God Care?

The Mystery of Suffering

The One Who Stands By

Following and Fishing

Be of Good Cheer!

How Jesus Comforts His Friends

After Bereavement—What?

The Method of Grace

You Will Not Mind the Roughness

Why Does No One Ever See God?

Faults and Ideals of Young Women

Faults and Ideals of Young Men

The Excellent Woman

Glimpses of the Heavenly Life

Uniting with the Church

Speak Tenderly

In Perfect Peace

Face to Face with One's Own Life

The Fragrance of the Ointment

If Two of You Shall Agree

The Master's Friendships

Friendship with Christ

What to Do with Our Unequal Chance

Slow and Steady Advance is the Best

The Rewards of Obedience

The Path of Life

The Living God

The Fruits of Wisdom

Do the Next Thing

People as a 'Means of Grace'

What to do with One's Life

The Way to Victory

More White than Black

The Master and the Doubter

The Veiling of Lives

Portions for Those Who Lack

In That Which Is Least

The Blessing of Work

The Thanksgiving Lesson

Learning to Love

The Death of the Young

Is Victory Possible?

The Other Days

What to Do with Our Unequal Chance

Mistaken Ministering

Some Lessons on Spiritual Growth

Unhealthy Rush in Life

The First Temptation

The Story of Cain and Abel

The Story of Enoch

The Outcome of Lot's Choice

Saul Rejected as King

David and Goliath

The Way of Safety

The Way of the Righteous (Psalm 1)

God's Works and Word (Psalm 19)

David's Confession (Psalm 51)

The Secret of Living Victoriously!

Solomon's Sin

Naaman the Leper

Isaiah's Call to Service

The Gracious Invitation

Daniel's Principles

Nebuchadnezzar's Dream

Israel often Reproved

Jonah Sent to Nineveh

The Seed in the Four Kinds of Soil

A Troubled Sea

A Dead Girl and a Sick Woman

True Blessedness

Worldliness and Trust

The Golden Rule

False and True Discipleship

Alone, Yet Not Alone

An Interpreter for God


Some Ways of Hiding the Light

Light in the Darkness

The Beloved Disciple

The Sin of Lying

Stephen the First Martyr

Paul Before King Agrippa

The New Life in Christ

Paul's Counsel to the Thessalonians

Paul's Charge to Timothy

Christian Service

Lay Work

The Way to Rise to a Better Job

Winning Church Membership

How the Church Helps Us

The Best Business

Chains of Gold

The Author and the Finisher

Forward and not Back

To Discouraged Workers

The Use of the Sabbath

The Making of a Patriot

To Those Who Ask

The Blessing of Cheerfulness

"If any 19th century American Christian writer warrants reprinting, it is J. R. Miller! His writing style is delightfully smooth, his insights are spiritual diamonds on every page, and his pastoral applications are delivered with the skill of a well-seasoned physician of souls." (Pastor Bill Shishko)

"His books are restful and soothing, full of quiet but fresh inspiration and cheery optimism. They have comforted and encouraged countless thousands of readers."

One friend paid this tribute to J. R. Miller: "We all loved him. His gentleness made him great. His winsomeness had no weakness in it. Somehow everybody felt drawn to him. He seemed so closely in touch with the best in heart and life. He was as gentle as a child, yet firm as a rock. He was lovable and helpful; always true, always tender."

"I doubt if there is a living minister in all the world who has done a greater work, or who is more internationally known, than Dr. Miller. In the ecclesiastical life, he is the marvel of the age. He has done the work of ten men. While others were attending banquets or sitting by their firesides — his tireless feet have been tramping the streets of the city calling upon the sick and like Paul carrying the gospel into many homes. Of all the great ministers of the past, not one has wielded greater influence for good. The whole city should be thankful for the noble life of this wonderful man!" Talmage

The secret of Miller's life was summarized in five words that he loved to repeat again and again, "Jesus and I are friends!" This was the deepest passion of his life — to know and love Jesus Christ. All he did and all he wrote, came from his vital relationship with his Friend.

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