Solitude Sweetened

by James Meikle, 1730-1799

More of God seen in Christ, than in all the creation

There is a great noise among the educated men of our day, how God is to be seen and felt, as it were, in his handyworks. True, O Lord! you are near in everything around me—but nearer in your Son. In your heavens I behold your wisdom; but in your Anointed I see your grace, and share your love. You are near in your sun, moon, and stars, to convince atheists—but nearer in your word of grace, to convert sinners, and comfort saints. My reason tells me, that he who formed the eye, planted the ear, and put understanding into the heart—must see, hear, and understand all things; but you are seen in more noble and exalted views, in those graces which are infused by your Holy Spirit into my soul. Sense and reason harmonize in this, that God made and governs and will judge the world. You are to be acknowledged in every breathing as the God of my life; but in a more glorious manner, in every act of faith, and heavenly aspiration, as the life of my soul.

Human philosophy cries up 'nature' as the best mirror to see the glory of God in; and surely, therein he is very glorious, for the heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky preaches his handywork. But Scriptural revelation, which is the sublimest philosophy, declares the 'face of Jesus' to be the brightest mirror in which the glory of God can be seen, for there it appears with a permanent and transforming luster. In the creation of the world, his power and wisdom are admired; but in the redemption of the world, his love and compassion are adored.

Let others please themselves with philosophical views of the creation; but, not despising these, let me revolve the volume of revelation, peruse the divine page, and dwell upon the plan of redeeming love, where the glorious Trinity appears in the grand work of man's redemption—and where all the attributes and perfections of God beam forth, with a radiance and beauty that cannot pass through the grosser creation—but is even too bright for the eyes of seraphim to fix upon. Here, then, I will begin to study for eternity, and learn for the world to come!