Solitude Sweetened

by James Meikle, 1730-1799


"My meditation of Him shall be sweet."
(Psalm 104:34)

The heavenly meditator has the happiest life in the world, and the most enriching commerce with the celestial Indies, from whence he returns laden with an unseen store of immortal joy, and spiritual consolation. As he continues to meditate on the great things of God, such amazing plenitudes are displayed before his eye, that he finds in the divine fullness, sufficient subjects for meditation through eternity itself. Meditation, like the spies sent from Israel in the wilderness, returns with a good account of the good land, presents some of the fruits of paradise, and produces refreshing grapes pulled from the true VINE. Here the weary soul retires to rest in the bosom of the promise, in the love of God, in spite of all surrounding troubles; and drinks at the river before the throne, which makes her forget her miseries, as waters that flow away. O the high estate of the sons of God in meditation! They walk in the fields of glory, associate with the angels of light, and hold communion with God himself! Thus having been in the mount with God, their soul is beautified; thus, their face shines, and their mind seems as if in heaven, nobly opposing the base practices of the men of the world.

O my soul! while mortals are combating for crowns below, meditate on your crown above; view the beauties of the better country; ruminate on the happiness of the inhabitants there; think on the fullness of the heavenly glory; talk of the love of God, and dwell on the adorable excellencies of the divine Redeemer. This work is its own reward, and assimilates the soul to "the bright and morning Star." Be ashamed henceforth to occupy yourself in meditating how to raise your fortune, how to make yourself famous, and how to plan your lot in the world; this last commit to God, and cast the rest away! But let him, whose favor is better than life, be the object of your love, and the subject of your meditations! Thus shall you begin heaven, anticipate bliss, and prepare for eternity and glory!