A Practical Exposition of the Eighth Chapter of Romans

by John MacDuff, 1891

The following pages were specially composed during hours of leisure in the quiet of the study. Their design is to unfold and illustrate, however inadequately, one of the most precious portions of Holy Scripture. The writer fulfills a long cherished desire to awake a few slumbering chords of this New Testament "SONG OF SONGS."

In entering on the exposition of the eighth chapter of Romans, we listen to the music of the greatest of the Church's prose-minstrels. It is a Gospel enshrined in the most precious of the Epistles--an epitome of divine truth. Though blended with other chords, let it be noted at the outset, that the Love of God, and the Security of the Believer, constitute the special dual strain intoned by our Apostle in his sublime Canticle.

"The Eighth Chapter of Romans is the Masterpiece of the New Testament."--Luther.

1. Keynote of the Song

2. Song of Victory

3. Dual Strains

4. I shall rise again

5. the Child-song and its Lullaby

6. A Song in the Night

7. The Dirge of Creation

8. An Elegy; or the Harp on the Willows

9. A Song of Hope

10. Broken Harmonies and the Divine Agent in Their Restoration

11. A Lullaby

12. Anthem of the First-born

13. Songs of Degrees

14. Crescendo

15. Paean of Assured Victory

16. Hallelujah Chorus