Psalm 113

Praise continues to be the happy theme. Contemplation of God's majesty and greatness and goodness tend largely to kindle this flame. Let us meditate until warmth glows and praise blazes within!

1-2. "Praise the Lord. Praise, O you servants of the Lord, praise the name of the Lord. Blessed be the name of the Lord from this time forth and forevermore."

The servants of the Lord are addressed. They are called to their richest enjoyment. Those who serve the Lord prove how they love His service by ever telling the glories of His name. It is the constellation of His attributes, and each attribute presents a boundless ocean of delight. Praise, also, must be endless. Through endless being those who know and love Him will never cease to revel in this joy. Praise is as eternal as the love which kindles it.

3. "From the rising of the sun, to the going down of the same, the Lord's name is to be praised."

Is there a spot on earth which is not witness of God's goodness? Is there a region of the globe in which this homage should not abound? Is there a living being who is not a partaker of His tender mercies? Is there a mother's son who should not testify thanksgiving? From east to west, from pole to pole, the constant sound should be adoring praise.

4-6. "The Lord is high above all nations, and His glory above the heavens. Who is like the Lord our God, who dwells on high, who humbles Himself to behold the things that are in heaven, and in the earth!"

What is all the pride, and pomp, and pageantry of earth! All nations and all nations' greatness is a mere bauble when placed beside Him. What property is there which is not the gift of His sovereign hand? Behold His throne. It is high in the heaven of heavens. From it He looks down in condescension on angels and on men. The more we wonder that He thus should stoop, the more we should exalt Him with extolling lips.

7-9. "He raises up the poor out of the dust, and lifts the needy out of the ash-heap; that He may set him with princes, even with the princes of his people. He makes the barren woman to keep house, and to be a joyful mother of children. Praise the Lord."

God's gracious eye regards even the lowliest of men with providential care. Joseph rises from the dungeon to sit beside the King. David is exalted from the sheepfold to the throne of Israel. Sarah rejoices as the mother of him in whom the promised seed should come. Rachel and Hannah are filled with maternal joy. There is nothing too hard for our Lord to do. No gift is too good for His bounty to impart. "Praise the Lord" was the first note. "Praise the Lord" is now the last. "Praise the Lord" should be our utterance first, midst, and last in time and throughout eternity.