Samuel Davies

1724 – 1761

"He spoke as on the borders of eternity, and as viewing the glories and terrors of an unseen world!"

Martyn Lloyd-Jones once said that Samuel Davies was the greatest preacher America ever produced.

Samuel Davies AUDIO gems

A New Year's Gift!

Lessons from the Recent EARTHQUAKE

The Justice of God—and
the Sins of Our Country

This Very Year You are Going to Die!

The Resurrection of Damnation

The General Resurrection

The Universal Judgment

The Success of the Gospel by the
Divine Power upon the Souls of Men

The Nature of Love to God and
Christ, Opened and Enforced

The Christian Feast

Divine Mercy to Mourning Penitents

Life's Shortness and Vanity

Unseen Things to Be Preferred to Seen Things

The Rejection of Gospel-light,
the Condemnation of Men

Ingratitude to God—a Heinous but General Iniquity

Divine Government—the Joy of Our World

The Sacred Import of the Christian Name

The Nature and Danger of Making
Light of Christ and Salvation

Jesus Christ, the Only Foundation

The One Thing Needful

The Compassion of Christ to Weak Believers

The Danger of Lukewarmness in Religion

The Vessels of Mercy and the
Vessels of Wrath Delineated

The Wonderful Compassion of
Christ to the Greatest Sinners

On the Death of King George II

A Time of Unusual Sickness
and Mortality Improved

The Christian Ministry

Serious Reflections on WAR

The Love of Souls, a Necessary
Qualification for the Ministerial Office

The Divine Authority and Sufficiency of the Christian Religion

Practical Atheism, in Denying the
Agency of Divine Providence, Exposed

God the Sovereign of All Kingdoms

A Christmas-day Sermon

Evidences of the Lack of Love to God

The Nature and Author of Regeneration

The Tender Anxieties of Ministers for Their People

The Characters of the Healthy and Sick, in a Spiritual Sense, Considered and Contrasted

The Divine Perfections Illustrated in the Method
of Salvation, Through the Sufferings of Christ

The Crisis, or the Uncertain Doom
of Kingdoms at Particular Times

The Nature and Universality of Spiritual Death

The Nature and Process of Spiritual Life

The Nature and Necessity of True Repentance

The Success of the Ministry of the Gospel,
Owing to a Divine Influence

Life and Immortality Revealed in the Gospel

The Method of Salvation Through Jesus Christ

The Preaching of Christ Crucified,
the Means of Salvation

Poor and Contrite Spirits—the
 Objects of the Divine Favor

An Enrollment of Our Names in Heaven
—the Noblest Source of Joy

Sinners Entreated to Be Reconciled to God

The Connection Between Present Holiness and Future Felicity

Saints Saved with Difficulty; and
the Certain Perdition of the Wicked

Christ Precious to All True Believers

The Name of God Proclaimed by Himself

Dedication to God Argued from Redeeming Mercy

The Sufferings of Christ, and
Their Consequent Joys and Blessings

Looking unto Christ

The Nature and Blessedness of Sonship with God

Religion the Highest Wisdom, and Sin
the Greatest Madness and Folly

Rejection of Christ—a Common,
and Most Unreasonable Iniquity

The Rule of Equity

The Nature of Justification, and the
Nature and Concern of Faith in it

The Happy Effects of the Pouring out of the Spirit

The Objects, Grounds, and Evidences
of the HOPE of the Righteous

In Time of War

The Primitive and Present State of Man Compared

The Certainty of Death


William Jay made the following observation on the written sermons of Davies: 'I must confess, no discourses ever appeared to me so adapted to awaken the conscience and impress the heart. In reading them, one seems always to feel that they were written by a man who always realized the value of a soul, and the importance of eternity!"

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