Edward Griffin

(1770 - 1837)


The Treasure and the Heart in Heaven!

This is Not Your Rest!

The Weeping at the Last Day

Human Life a Vapor!

Like Grass Which Grows up!

The Worth of the Soul

Christ's Kingdom Not of this World

Whom Have I in Heaven but You?

The Pilgrim!

Forsaken the First Love

The Dove!

Hidden Manna

Let Us Reason Together

The Heavenly Mind

The Abominable Nature of Sin!

The Watchman!

Can These Bones Live?

All These Things Are Against Me!


The Harvest Past,
The Balm of Gilead

When I Was a Child



When I Am Weak, Then I Am Strong

The Faithfulness of God

The Goodness of God!

The Tender Mercies of God!

Where Is the Lord God of Elijah?

Son and Heir Through Christ

Enoch Walked with God

The Brazen Serpent

The Better Resurrection

Love to Our Neighbor

A Friend Closer than a Brother

An Exhortation to Serve the Lord


Christ, A Refuge From The Tempest!

The Deceitfulness of the Heart!

Sharp Arrows in the Heart of Enemies!

The Uncertainty of Life!

You Are Going to Die!

Jesus of Nazareth Passing By

Returning from the Crucifixion

Return unto Your Rest!

The Knowledge of God

Salvation Taken into Gods Own Hands

By Whom Shall Jacob Arise?

Living for God!

What Christ Deserves from the Redeemed

One Thing is Needful

Taking the Kingdom by Violence

The Fruitless Fig Tree

The Strait Gate

Gospel Despisers Passed By


The Heath in the Desert

What Will You Say When He Shall Punish You?

Love Does Not Seek Her Own


The Patience of Christ

The High Priest

Christ the Resurrection and Life

How Can a Young Man Keep His Way Pure?

Abraham's Steward


How Can I Put You among the Children?

Do Not Quench the Spirit

Ascension and Dominion of Christ

Tokens of Perdition

The Heart of God Affected by Prayer

Avoid False Books and Teachers

Aim High!

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