Paradise Opened, or the Secrets, Mysteries, and
Rarities of Divine Love, of Infinite Wisdom, and
of Wonderful Counsel—Laid Open to Public View

By Thomas Brooks, London, 1675.

The Covenant of Grace, and the high and glorious transactions of the Father and the Son in the Covenant of Redemption opened and improved at large, with the resolution of important questions and cases concerning both Covenants.

You have further—Several singular pleas, that all sincere Christians may safely and groundedly make to those ten Scriptures, which speak of the general Judgment, and of that particular Judgment, which must certainly pass upon them all after death.

With some other points of high importance, that tend to the Peace, Comfort, Settlement and Satisfaction of all serious sincere Christians.

To which is added a sober and serious discourse, about the favorable, signal and eminent presence of the Lord with his people in their greatest troubles, deepest distresses, and most deadly dangers.



The Epistle Dedicatory

The Covenant of Grace (Part 1)

The Covenant of Grace (Part 2)

The Covenant of Redemption (Part 1)

The Covenant of Redemption (Part 2)

The Covenant of Redemption (Part 3)

The Book of Life