London's Lamentations

By Thomas Brooks, 1670

A serious discourse concerning "The Great Fire of London" which recently turned our once renowned city of London, into a ruinous heap! Also the several lessons that are incumbent upon those whose houses have escaped the consuming flames.

"Come, see the glorious works of the Lord! See how He brings destruction upon the world!" Psalm 46:8

"Then they will take up a lament concerning you and say to you — 'How you are destroyed, O city of renown, peopled by men of the sea!" Ezekiel 26:17

"Who gave Jacob to the robber, and Israel to the plunderers? Was it not the Lord? Have we not sinned against Him? They were not willing to walk in His ways, and they would not listen to His instruction. So He poured out on them his burning anger, the violence of war. It enveloped them in flames, yet they did not understand; it consumed them, but they did not take it to heart." Isaiah 42:24-25



Epistle Dedicatory

The text explained and divided

Fire, as a symbol in Scripture

Purposes of God in inflicting judgments on the unsaved

Purposes of God in inflicting judgments on his own people

Seven sins among professing Christians in London

The sins which bring the fiery judgment upon cities and countries


God's hand in the fiery judgment

Lamentation and mourning

Cordials, comforts and supports

The fire of hell

Fifteen duties for those whose homes have been burned up

Eight duties for those whose homes have not been burned up


Editor's note: The Great Fire of London, (September 2–5, 1666) was the worst fire in the city's history. It was a disaster of unprecedented proportions. In the close-packed streets of London, where wooden buildings jostled each other for space, the blaze soon became an inferno!