The Crown and Glory of Christianity, or,
HOLINESS, the Only Way to Happiness

Thomas Brooks, 1662

Discovered in 58 sermons, from Hebrews 12:14. Where you have the Necessity, Excellency, Rarity, Beauty and Glory of Holiness set forth; with the resolution of many weighty Questions and Cases. Also Motives and Means to perfect Holiness. With many other things of very high and great importance to all people who had rather be blessed than cursed, saved than damned.


The Epistle Dedicatory

I. What this holiness is

II. The truth of the proposition, that "without
holiness, no man shall see the Lord"

III. Reasons

IV. Practical Application:

    1. Conviction

    2. Sixteen marks of a holy person

    3. Fifteen motives

    4. Sixteen counsels

    5. Seven objections

    6. Six evidences of the reality and power of holiness

    7. Sixteen provocations to increased holiness

    8. Degrees of glory

    9. Eight means, helps, and directions for progress in holiness

    10. Twelve evidences of high degrees of holiness

    11. Twelve consolations to all who have real holiness

    12. Seven positions concerning holiness