by Thomas Reade 1841


1. Communion with God

2. The Beauty of Holiness

3. Aspirations after Holiness

4. The Saving Knowledge of the Scriptures

5. The Promises of God

6. The Fall of Man, and His Recovery by Grace

7. Thoughts on the Mystery of Redemption

8. Salvation by Grace

9. The Sufficiency of Divine Grace

10. The Dying Love of Christ

11. The Willingness of Christ to Receive Sinners

12. Earnest Desires for Christ

13. The Power of Grace

14. The Pearl of Great Price

15. Conversion of the Heart to God

16. Faith Working by Love

17. Walking with God

18. The Privileges of the Believer

19. The Superiority of Graces to Gifts

20. The Blessedness of a Childlike Spirit

21. The Harmony of Christian Graces

22. The Blessing of Peace

23. The Unsearchable Riches of Christ

24. An Evil Heart of Unbelief

25. The Evil of Pride

26. Deadness to the World

27. Human Corruption and Abounding Grace

28. Indwelling Sin

29. The Inward Conflict

30. Mourning over Sin and Hatred of it

31. The Burden of Sin Deplored

32. True Wisdom the Source of Happiness

33. The Preciousness of Christ

34. The Life of Faith

35. Seeking after God

36. The Blessedness of the Righteous

37. The Believer's Path to Glory

38. The Believer's Portion

39. Christian Fellowship

40. Christian Perseverance

41. The Character and the Promise

42. Men's Estimate of Human Nature

43. The Scripture View of the Present State of Man

44. Blessings Flowing from the Covenant of Grace

45. A Christian Indeed

46. The Testimony of Conscience

47. The Christian's Rest

48. The Sovereignty of God

49. The Sovereignty of Divine Grace

50. The Unsatisfying Nature of Earthly Things

51. God the Refuge for His People

52. The Religion of the Heart

53. Realizing the Divine Presence

54. Desires for Pardoning and Sanctifying Grace

57. Experimental Religion

58. External Religion, No Substitute for Godliness

61. On the Approach of Death

62. Prophetic Views of the Messiah's Kingdom

63. The Importance of Self Knowledge

64. The Desire for More

65. On the Birth of Christ

66. A Sabbath Meditation

67. Christ's Intercessory Prayer

68. Reflections on the New Year

69. The Believer's Review of His Christian State

70. A Grateful Retrospect of Undeserved Mercies