Your beloved?

(by Henry Mahan)

Every soul has a beloved; something or
someone in which to glory, rejoice, and enjoy.

With some it is THE WORLD (its vanity,
materialism, and honors) .

With others it is THE FLESH. They live
to entertain the flesh, to satisfy the
flesh, and to pamper the flesh.

With others it is THE FAMILY. Close and distant
relatives, family trees, family reunions make
up their past, present, and future.

With others it is RELIGION and works of
righteousness. Their religion is not a PERSON;
it is a CAUSE to which they are devoted in
hope of a suitable reward.

And with some it is SELF, pure and simple;
what can we do for me?

To a believer, it is CHRIST! He worships,
loves, rejoices, and glories in the Lord Jesus
above all things.

Christ is my Beloved and I am His.

Christ; His fellowship, His love, and His
approval, are preferred above people,
possessions, pleasures, or pursuits. Could One
so illustrious and supreme deserve any less?
"Whom have I in heaven but You? And there
is none upon earth that I desire beside You!"
(Ps. 73:25)