-Spurgeon, "Without Christ"

Where might you have been without Christ?
You might have been in hell-- you might have been
shut out forever from all mercy, condemned to eternal
banishment from the presence of God.

I think the Indian's picture is a very fair one
of where we should have been without Christ--

When asked what Christ had done for him,
he picked up a worm, put it on the ground,
and made a ring of straw and wood around it,
which he then set on fire.

As the wood began to glow,
the poor worm began to twist and wriggle in agony,
whereupon he stooped down, took it gently up with his
finger, and said, "That is what Jesus did for me--
I was surrounded, without power to help myself,
by a ring of dreadful fire that would have been my ruin,
but his pierced hand lifted me out of the burning!"

Think of that, Christians, and, as your hearts melt,
praise him that you are not now without Christ.

Then think what his blood has done for you.
Take only one thing out of a thousand--
It has put away your many, many sins.
You were without Christ,
and your sins stood like yonder mountain,
whose black and rugged cliff threaten the very skies.
There fell a drop of Jesus' blood upon it,
and your mountain of sin vanished in a moment.
The sins of all your days were gone in an instant by
the application of the precious blood!