True love to Christ!

by Spurgeon-

The Lord Jesus possesses all kinds of lovelinesses
compacted into one perfect loveliness! all perfections
blended to make one perfection! every sweet concocted
and distilled to make one perfect sweetness!

Oh, how one longs for but a moment's sight of Christ in glory!
One might be content to have only a dry crust, and to lie in
an underground dungeon for the rest of one's life, if one might
but gaze on his blessed face for once, and hear him say,
"I have loved you with an everlasting love."

Those who truly love the Savior wish to
know all that can be known about him.

True love likes to become familiar with the object of its
affection; its heart is set upon that object, it studies it,
and can never know it too well or too closely.

True love to Christ thinks of him from morning till night;
it is glad to be released from other thoughts that it may
follow only its one darling pursuit.

True love to Christ seeks to get to him, to live with him,
to live upon him, and thus to know him so intimately
that things which were unobserved and passed over at
the first, stand out in clear light to the increased
joy and delight of the contemplative mind.

If you have but a 'spark' of love for Jesus in your heart,
Jesus has a 'furnace' of love for you in his heart!