The sweet school of love!

from Spurgeon's sermon, "LOVE'S LOGIC"

Observe, beloved brethren, day by day the deeds of God's love to you in
the gift of food and clothing, and in the common mercies of this life.
Note well these things, and if you consider them carefully, and weigh
their value, you will be accumulating the fuel on which love feeds its
consecrated flame. In proportion as you see in every good gift a new
token of your Father's love, in that proportion will you make progress
in the sweet school of love.

Oh, it is heavenly living to taste God's love in every morsel of bread
we eat; it is blessed living to know that we breathe an atmosphere
purified and made fragrant with divine love, that love protects us
while we sleep, hanging like a silken curtain all around our bed, and
love opens the eyelids of the morning to smile upon us when we wake.
Ah, even when we are sick, it is love that chastens us; when we are
impoverished, love relieves us of a burden; love gives and love takes;
love cheers and love smites.

We are compassed about with love, above, beneath, around, within,
without. If we could but recognize this, we should become as flames
of fire, ardent and fervent towards our God.
Knowledge and observation are admirable nurses of our infant love.