Spurgeon, "Christ's Plea for Ignorant Sinners"

Oh, brethren, how we ought to love Christ,
because we sinned against him so grievously!

Our sin is "exceeding sinful."

Our sin crucified Christ.

We stabbed our heavenly Lover to his heart.

We slew, with ignominious death,
our best and dearest Friend and Benefactor.

We could almost weep tears of blood
to think that we ever treated him as we did.

We never knew what our sins really were
till we saw him in a bloody sweat.
We never knew the crimson hue of our sins,
till we read our pardon written in crimson lines
with his precious blood.

But, it is all forgiven, all gone.
Oh, let us bless that dear Son of God, who has
put away even such sins as ours!