O stone-blind eyes, if you could
but see Jesus, how you would be fixed
on him in one long fascinated gaze!

You see no loveliness where there
is all loveliness, and no perfection
where every perfection dwells.

As well might men say that there is
no light from the sun, as declare that
there is no loveliness in Jesus. As well
might they say that there is no salt
in the sea, as that there is no sweetness
in Christ, for he is altogether lovely.

All preciousnesses, at their very
highest degrees, are found blended
in his gracious character.

O blind world, if you had grace enough
to see but half the beauties of Christ,
how you would cease your rebellion, and
fall down to worship the matchless Prince!

-Spurgeon, "Good News for Loyal Subjects"