The never-failing friend

from Spurgeon's, "LOVE'S LOGIC"

Experience of the love, tenderness, and faithfulness of
our Lord Jesus Christ will weld our hearts to him.

The very THOUGHT of the love of Jesus towards us is enough to
inflame our holy passions, but the EXPERIENCING of his love
heats the furnace seven times hotter.

He has been with us in our TRIALS, cheering and consoling us,
sympathizing with every groan, and regarding every tear with
affectionate compassion. Do we not love him for this?

He has befriended us in every TIME OF NEED, so bounteously
supplying all our neediness out of the riches of his fullness,
that he has not allowed us to lack any good thing.
Shall we be unmindful of such unwearying care?

He has helped us in every DIFFICULTY, furnishing us with
strength equal to our day; he has leveled the mountains before
us, and filled up the valleys; he has made rough places plain,
and crooked things straight. Do we not love him for this also?

In all our DOUBTS he has directed us in the path of wisdom,
and led us in the way of knowledge. He has not allowed us to
wander; he has led us by a right way through the pathless
wilderness. Shall we not praise him for his.

He has repelled our ENEMIES, covered our heads in the day of
battle, broken the teeth of the oppressor, and made us more
than conquerors. Can We Forget Such Mighty Grace?

Are we not constrained to call upon all
that is within us to bless his holy name?

Not one promise of his has been broken, but all have come to pass.

In no single instance has he failed us;
he has never been unkind, unmindful, or unwise.

The harshest strokes of his providence have been as full of
love as the softest embraces of his condescending fellowship.

We cannot, we dare not find fault with him.

He has done all things well.

His love toward his people is perfect, and the consideration
of his love is sweet to contemplation; the very remembrance
of it is like ointment poured forth, and the present enjoyment
of it, the experience of it at the present moment, is beyond
all things delightful!

At home or abroad, on the land or the sea, in health or sickness,
in poverty or wealth, JESUS, THE NEVER-FAILING FRIEND, affords
us tokens of his grace, and binds our hearts to him in the bonds of
constraining gratitude.

If we were we not dull scholars, we would, in the experience of
a single day, discover a thousand reasons for loving our Redeemer