My Beloved!

(From Octavius Winslow's, "None Like Christ")

"How is your beloved better than others?"
Song of Solomon 5:9

My Beloved bore my sins, and opened in his heart
a fountain in which I am washed whiter than snow.

My Beloved....
sustains my burdens,
counsels my perplexities,
heals my wounds,
dries my tears,
supplies my needs,
bears with my infirmities,
upholds my steps, and
cheers my pathway to the tomb.

My Beloved will be with me in the valley of the shadow
of death, and with his presence I shall fear no evil.

My Beloved has gone to prepare a place for me in
the many mansioned house of my Father, and will
come again and receive me to himself, that were
he is, I may be also.

My Beloved will walk with me the gold paved streets
of the new Jerusalem, and will lead me to fountains
of living waters, and will wipe every tear from my eyes.

I find no love so soothing as his, no friendship
so true, so gentle as his. Jesus is my all in all.
This is my Beloved, and this is my friend!

Yes, My Beloved is altogether lovely!