Murdered by human sin!

Spurgeon, "Fire: the Want of the Times"

We find in this Book, the master truth of the
love of God plainly and repeatedly stated.

We see revealed to us a love of God so vast
as to be incomprehensible, so generous as to
be a theme for adoring wonder throughout
eternity, since the Father gives up his only Son
that he may bleed and die, that we who are
rebellious and undeserving may live through him.

Divine love has been manifested in connection
with a most astonishing display of justice and
severity towards sin. We see God willing to forgive,
but not willing to allow his law to be dishonored,
and therefore giving up his only begotten Son to
die a death of pain and ignominy, in order that the
penalty of a broken law might be rendered to justice,
and yet mercy displayed to rebels.

We behold the Savior bleeding on the tree as
much to manifest the justice, as the love of God.

He dies, the Friend of Sinners dies!
murdered by human sin!

Who will not henceforth loathe the murderous thing?

It is impossible to read aright in the illuminated
volume of the cross, printed in crimson characters,
without feeling our hearts burn within us with an
unquenchable ardor.

As we behold our Lord's passion, thoughts that
burn fall into our bosom, holy detestation of sin
lifts the torch of heart searching, and the flame
of true love burns up our lusts.