Christ or Moses?

from Spurgeon, "The Fourfold Treasure" #991

Let Jesus always be the motive for your sanctification.

Is it not a strange thing that some professors should
look to Christ alone for pardon and justification, and
run away to Moses when they desire sanctification?

How then should we urge the child of God to holiness?

Should it not be in this way: "You are God's child;
walk worthy of him who is your Father. His love to
you will never cease. He cannot cast you away; he
is faithful and never changes, therefore love him
in return."

This is a motive fit for the child of the free woman,
and it moves his heart. The child of the bond woman
is driven by the whip, but the child of the free woman
is drawn by cords of love.

"The love of Christ constrains us."

Not fear of hell, but love of Christ.

Not fear that God will cast us away, for that he
cannot do, but the joy that we are saved in the
Lord with an everlasting salvation constrains us
to cling to him with all our heart and soul, forever
and ever.

Rest assured, if motives fetched from the gospel will
not kill sin, motives fetched from the law never will.

If you cannot be purged at Calvary, you
certainly cannot be cleansed at Sinai.

If "the water and the blood, from the riven side which
flowed," are not sufficient to purify you; no blood of
bulls or of goats; I mean, no argument from the Jewish
law, will ever furnish motives sufficiently strong to
cast out sin.

Let your reasons for being holy be found in Christ,
for he is made of God unto you sanctification!

I have ever found that the more entirely I lean upon
my Lord, the more conscious I am of my own emptiness
and unworthiness. And the more completely I rest my
whole salvation upon the grace of God in Christ Jesus,
the more carefully do I walk in my daily life.

"He that has this hope in him purifies himself, even
as he is pure." Jesus, the Savior, saves us from our
sins, and is made of God to us "sanctification."

All that you can possibly want, O Christian, is in Christ!

You cannot conceive a need which Jesus does not supply!