-Spurgeon, "Holy Work for Christmas"

Those who come nearest to Jesus,
and enter most closely into fellowship with Him,
will be sure to be the most engrossed with Him.

Beloved, remember what He has done for you--
Make your heart the golden cup to hold the
rich recollections of His past loving-kindness.

Make your heart a pot of manna to preserve the heavenly
bread whereon saints have fed in days gone by.

Let your memory treasure up everything about
Christ which you have either heard, or felt, or known-
and then let your fond affections hold Him close

Love him!

Pour out that alabaster jar of your heart,
and let all the precious ointment of your affection come
streaming on His feet.

If you cannot do it with joy, do it sorrowfully--
wash His feet with your tears,
wipe them with the hair of your head;
but love Him.

Love the blessed Son of God,
your ever tender Friend.