Kiss the Son!


"Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and you perish
from the way when his wrath is kindled but a little."
-Psalm 2:12

Christ requires of every man who would be saved,
that he shall yield to his government and his rule.

There are some who are willing enough to be saved and take Christ
to be their priest; but they are not willing to give up their sins,
not willing to obey his precepts, to walk in his ordinances,
and keep his commandments.

Now, salvation cannot be cut in halves.

If you would have justification, you must have sanctification also.

If your sins are pardoned they must be abhorred;
if you are washed in the blood to take away the guilt of sin,
you must be washed in the water to take away the power
of sin over your affections and life.

Oh, sinners, the command is, "Kiss the Son," bow your knee,
and come and own him to be your monarch, and say--
"Other lords have had dominion over us; we have worshipped
our lusts, our pleasures, our pride, our selfishness, but now
will we submit ourselves to your easy yoke. Take us and make
us yours, for we are willing to be your subjects."

You must give him the kiss of allegiance, of homage,
and loyalty; and take him to be your king.