I will love them FREELY

from Spurgeon's, "GRACE ABOUNDING"

"I will love them freely." Hosea 14:4.

No LABOR of man can procure the Grace of God;
and no EFFORT of man can add to it.

God is good from the simple necessity of his nature;
God is love, simply because it is his essence to be so,
and he pours forth his love in plenteous streams to
undeserving, ill-deserving, hell-deserving objects,
simply because he "Will Have Mercy on Whom He Will
Have Mercy, and He Will Have Compassion on Whom Will
Have Compassion," for it is not of him that wills,
nor of him that runs, but of God that shows mercy.

No matter how vile, and black, and foul, and godless,
men may be, God will have mercy on whom he will have
mercy; and that free, rich, overflowing goodness of
his can make the very worst and least deserving,
the objects of his best and choicest love!