His name!

Winslow, "The Fragrance of Christ's Name"

There is everything we need in Jesus
to endear His name to our hearts.

He is our Prophet, teaching us the will of the Father.

He is our Priest, offering up Himself as our atoning Victim.

He is our King, erecting His throne in our
hearts, and subduing us to Himself as His
loving and obedient subjects.

He is our Friend, loving us at all times.

He is our Brother, bone of our bone, and
flesh of our flesh, born for our adversity.

He is our Great High Priest, touched with
the feeling of our infirmities, tempted in all
points as we are and in our sorrows, griefs,
and trials encircling us with the many folded
robe of His tender, loving sympathy.

O to know Jesus, that most excellent and
superlative knowledge! With Paul we may well
count all things but loss for its possession.

To know Him as the Savior, to know Him as
our Friend, to know Him as our Brother, to
know Him as our Advocate, to know Him as
our Portion, is endless life and glory!