The gift!

from Spurgeon's, "Saving Knowledge"

God often gives the most of this world to
wicked men-- He pours the husks out to
the swine! As for his children, he often
wrings out to them a full cup of bitterness.
This world is not our portion, as we know
right well.

Jesus Christ is "God's unspeakable gift,"
for whom we should daily and hourly lift
up our hearts in gratitude to God. To the
whole company of God's elect, Jesus Christ
is the priceless boon which the Father's
love has bestowed upon them!

There is not a piece of bread we eat,
nor a drop of water we drink, but what
it may be called the gift of God.

But the gift which comprehends, excels,
and sanctifies all other gifts, is the gift
of Jesus Christ to the sons of men!

An unfathomable depth of divine love is
there in the condescending loving-kindness
which gave Jesus Christ to die for us when
we were yet sinners.

Jesus is an unrivaled gift!

God has given to us such a treasure, that
if heaven and earth were melted down, the
price could not buy another like him!

Oh, what a gift! You cannot conceive of
anything that can even compare with it!

It is a gift which comprehends all things within
itself. Get Christ and you have the pardon of sin,
justification, sanctification, adoption, regeneration.

Every covenant gift is wrapped up in Christ Jesus.
All things that can possibly be needed for the
Christian for time and for eternity, are given to
him in the person of the Lord Jesus.

This gift sweetens all other things--
Temporal mercies are blessed when we
have Christ with them, but if Christ is
gone, they are but empty vanities.

Temporal mercies without Christ are like ciphers
without a figure. But when you have these
temporal mercies, and Christ stands in front
of them, oh, what an amount they make!

"Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable gift."