Get this thought into your head!

from Spurgeon's sermon, "LOVE'S LOGIC"

Christian, get this thought into your head a minute-
"God LOVES me" - not merely bears with me, thinks
of me, feeds me, but LOVES me.

Oh, it is a very sweet thing to feel that we have the love of
a dear wife, or a kind husband; and there is much sweetness in
the love of a fond child, or a tender mother; but to think that
GOD loves me, this is infinitely better!

WHO IS IT THAT LOVES YOU? God, the Maker of heaven and earth,
the Almighty, All in all, does this great God love me?
If all men, and all angels, and all the living creatures that are
before the throne loved me, it would be nothing compared to this-
the Infinite loves me!

And WHO IS IT THAT HE LOVES? This is the personal point-
he loves ME, an insignificant nobody, full of sin - who deserved
to be in hell; who loves him so little in return - God loves ME!
Beloved believer, does not this melt you?
Does not this fire your soul?

I know it does if it is really believed. It must.
And HOW DID HE LOVE ME? He loved me so much that he gave up his only
Son for me, to be nailed to the tree, and made to bleed and die.
And what will come of it? Why, because he loved me and forgave me,
I am on the way to heaven, and within a few months, perhaps days,
I shall see his face and sing his praises.

He loved me before I was born; before a star began to shine he
loved me, and he has never ceased to do so all these years.
When I have sinned he has loved me; when I have forgotten him he has
loved me; and when in the days of my sin I cursed him, yet still he
loved me; and he will love me when my knees tremble, and my hair is
gray with age, "even to hoary hairs" he will bear and carry his
servant; and he will love me when the world is on a blaze, and love
ME for ever, and for ever!

Oh, chew the cud of this blessed thought! Roll it under your tongue
as a dainty morsel; sit down this afternoon, if you have leisure,
and think of nothing but this- his great love with which he loves you;
and if you do not feel your heart bubbling up with a good matter,
if you do not feel your soul yearning towards God, and heaving big
with strong emotions of love to God, then I am much mistaken.
This is so powerful a truth, and you are so constituted as a
Christian as to be wrought upon by this truth, that if it be
truly believed and felt, the consequence must be that you will
love him because he first loved you.