-Spurgeon, "The Unchangeable Christ!"

Jesus is always the same in his great love to his
people, whom he loved before ever the earth was.

Before the first star was kindled, before the first
living creature began to sing the praise of its Creator,
he loved his Church with an everlasting love.

He spied her in the glass of predestination,
pictured her by his divine foreknowledge,
and loved her with all his heart.

It was for this cause that he left his Father, and
became one with her-- that he might redeem her.

It was for this cause that he went with her through
all this vale of tears, discharged her debts,
and bore her sins in his own body on the tree.

For her sake he slept in the tomb, and with the same love
that brought him down he has gone up again, and with the
same heart beating true to the same blessed betrothment,
he has gone into glory, waiting for the marriage-day when
he shall come again, to receive his perfected spouse,
who shall have made herself ready by his grace.