Followers of Jesus...

Spurgeon, "Christ's People- Imitators of Him"

Oh, my brethren, what can I say now to enforce my text,
but that, if you are like Christ on earth, you shall be like
him in heaven?

If by the power of the Spirit you become
followers of Jesus
, you shall enter glory.

For at heaven's gate there sits an angel, who admits no
one who has not the same features as our adorable Lord.

There comes a man with a crown upon his head,
"Yes," he says, "you have a crown, it is true,
but crowns are not the medium of access here."

Another approaches, dressed in robe of state and the gown of
learning. "Yes," says the angel, "it may be good, but gowns and
learning are not the marks that shall admit you here."

Another advances, fair, beautiful, and comely.
"Yes," says the angel, "that might please on earth,
but beauty is not wanted here."

There comes up another, who is heralded by fame,
and prefaced by the blast of the clamor of mankind;
but the angel says, "This is well with man, but you
have no right to enter here."

Then there appears another- poor he may have been;
illiterate he may have been; but the angel, as he looks at him,
smiles and says- "It is Christ again; a second edition of Jesus
Christ is here! Come in, come in. Eternal glory you shall win!
You are like Christ- in heaven you shall sit, because you are
like him."

Oh! to be like Christ is to enter heaven.
But to be unlike Christ is to descend to hell.

Likes shall be gathered together at last,
tares with tares, wheat with wheat.

If you have sinned with Adam and have died, you shall lie with
the spiritually dead forever, unless you rise in Christ to newness
of life- then shall you live with him throughout eternity.

Wheat with wheat, tares with tares.

"Be not deceived; God is not mocked:
whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap."

Go away with this one thought, then my brethren,
that you can test yourselves by Christ.

If you are like Christ, you are of Christ, and shall be with Christ.
If you are unlike him, you have no portion in the great

May my poor discourse help to fan the floor and reveal the
chaff; yes, may it lead many of you to seek to be partakers of
the inheritance of the saints in light, to the praise of his grace.
To him be all honor given! Amen.